My finalist for gaming processor.. Money vs. overall perform

I am semi torn betweent eh fx-55 amd and the 4000+. the fx-55 is about 500 dollars more or so and doesnt seem to be worth the money as the 4000+ seems to approach the fps and other graphs in teh processor comparison charts. Teh 4000+ seems teh way to go for me but I was wondering what others think about this price gap and teh all around performance issue.. I mean 500 dollars for about 10-20 fps seems silly to me and that even depends upon teh game.
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  1. Easy, get a Opteron 170 for $400 and it will easily do o/c on stock cooling to 2600MHXz making it competitive with the FX-60, and with better cooling can even go up to 3GHz topping at 3.1GHz usually.
  2. Instead of getting a top of the line cpu get a top of the line graphics card since its more of a factor in games.
    Now if your more into video editing, multitasking and such then get a X2.
    It will do good in both worlds.
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