ASUS A8N5X Experiences?

Has anyone had any experience with this particular mobo, good, bad, ugly? I'm planning on using it in a new build, but looking in this forum and seeing so many people with problems with thier Asus boards is making me a bit leery, should I look elsewhere?
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  1. So far I like mine. No issues as of yet. Purchased from newegg. I initially purchased an Abit AN8 board and am now in the RMA process back to manu. This board may be a noob board from ASUS as some may say. However when I hit the power button it turns on and I am not fiddling with the reset of CMOS every time. The A8N5X seems to have everything pretty strategically placed. The SATA and USB are not directly located in a spot where the vid card may cause dificulty. I believe the board has 3 x 3pin spots for fans and 1 x 3pin for HS fan. The Bios is easy to navigate. Once I find something negative I will tell you.
  2. its ok i have used it once
  3. Do you think this would be a good reliable board to use for an "ordinary" computer that I will use for a dual monitor setup for stock trading online? I'm not a gamer and have been advised that some of the SLI boards are overkill for what I need or will use.

    Most of the stuff I will be accesssing will be 2D and not 3D. I'd like ease of setup, use, decent speed and good reliability. I was planning on using an AMD FX2 dual core 3800. That seems to be the sweet spot for price performance.
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