32 bit browser or 64 bit??

Good Day, I'm running windows 7 prof. 64 bit. The other day I downloaded the 64 bit Java because of some satellite shots from NWS needed JAva. I downloaded the 64 bit because I'm running a 64 bit OS. A screen popped up and said I was trying run 64 bit Java on a 32 bit browser. The question I have is ,if IE 8 came with Win 7 64 bit shouldn't it also have a 64 bit browser? Thank you
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  1. open the start menu and type "internet" in the search box. You'll see you have 2 internet explorer and 32 and 64 bit. If you wanna use the 64 bit right click it, send to, desktop.
  2. psykhiqzero is right. You can download the 32-bit version of Java as well, and it will function with 32-bit browsers in 64-bit Windows 7. (I'm using Firefox 32-bit in Win7 64-bit right now.)
    I also wanted to point out that 64-bit Java works with other 64-bit Windows browsers. The only current one available besides IE 8 is an unofficial build of Firefox, but it works.
  3. Also I recommend Firefox over IE. IE is ok I guess, but one thing I certainly like seeing as how in Windows typically IE is so much a part of the OS if it messes up, you may have to reinstall Windows or use a restore point. Nice thing about say Firefox for example, it messes up, uninstall it, reinstall, usually problem solved, just my perspective:).
  4. An excellent point.
  5. are there any benefits to a 64 bit browser anyways???
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    taylorjes said:
    are there any benefits to a 64 bit browser anyways???

    Take a look at this thread. In my experience, 64-bit browsers are only slightly faster on rendering really big webpages; overall siginifacntly faster because they don't have the plugins (think Adobe Flash Player) to display all the complex multimedia in webpages! So between 32-bit/64-bit browsers disregarding the plugins, you're looking at them being pretty much the same for normal browsing.
  7. Thanks for the information, I will just stick with 32 bit browsers. havew read that Firefox is better in fending off malware, malware including Fake alerts are a big problem.
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