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I need to upgrade my system and my graphics cards is ok and I don't need to buy a new one for now. But the new motherboards for the new processors don't support AGP, only PCI Express and my graphics card is AGP! Are there any solutions exept buying a new PCI Express graphics card, like AGP to PCI Express adapters maybe? Or do you know some motherboards that have PCI Express and still support AGP? Any other solutions?

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  1. What's your current graphics card?

    That motherboard prozac posted would solve your solutions. However, chances are that if you still have an AGP mobo, then you also have a Socket A/462 processor, which would not be compatible with that board.

    AGP graphics cards are still pretty good. The 7800GS just came out, and if you look closely enough, you can still find some X850 variants in AGP.

    I would say wait until the end of this year to upgrade to a whole new computer. By then, we'll have Socket AM2, DirectX 10, and Windows Vista. Unless you're a hardcore gamer who likes to play F.E.A.R. in HD at the highest possible resolutions, there's really no point in upgrading now only to upgrade again (and spend thousands of dollars) at the end of the year.
  2. MTLink idea is not bad at all. You should wait for several months to build a system with windows vista and by then the price for sli mobo and pci-e card should be cheaper.
  3. prozac26 gave you the only true AGP/PCI-Express solution on the market. The only one. You don't have any other real choice.
  4. Or if you prefer Intel

    Asrock Intel with AGP and PCI-e
  5. SOLUTION!!!
    Check out the Asrock dual939 mobo. cheap and with future slot. got preview at THG.
  6. I have an Asrock 939dual-SATA2

    Excellent board; the only thing holding back better performance for me is my really crappy RAM (a problem I plan to remedy in the near future...)
  7. Ok... I have this mother board and am looking to put in a pci-e card. I currently have an x850xt agp and was wondering if I need to stay with ATI or can you us an nvidia card without having software issues?

  8. If you remove your old drivers you should be fine to change to any manufacturer's card.
  9. I've used ATI AGP and nVidia PCI-Express cards together on that chipset. nVidia's driver demands the nVidia card be primary or else 3D doesn't function properly.

    You could run both cards if you wanted, simply by uninstalling the ATI driver, removing the card, installing the nVidia card and driver, then reinstalling the ATI card and driver. But the nVidia card would be the game card in that type of configuration.
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