Can front audio be used without a front audio connector?

I was comparing three motherboards I might purchase. All are SLI, though I will never need it, though it seems if you want to OC at all you need an SLI board, anyways, I noticed that the Abit KN8 has front audio under a list of headers. The DLI Nf4 SLI does not have that option, nor Fata1ty mobo. My question is this. My case has a front audio as an option, I like that because when my roommate is watching tv or sleeping I can put on my headphones. Now, I would like to make use of this for my new build, and I was wondering if the other two boards without front audio could still be connected to my front audio port? Thanks ahead of time.

P.S What is IrDA? Is it important, or one of those ubercool goodies that most people will never use, or serves little purpose, kind of like SATA II.
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  1. They all have front audio connectors. If you don't believe it, download the manual.

    IrDA means nothing to you.
  2. K thanks, I was just asking because the vendors did not list that they did.
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