please recommend me a video card with this computer.

can someone please recommend me a video card by nvidia with this computer:

amd 3200+ 2.0ghz rev. e6
a8n-vm csm motherboard (This board has pcie x16)
1gb non dual channel corsair value memory 2.5-3-3-8
80gb sata segate barracuda hd
creative audigy 1 soundcard
integrated graphics (6150 by nvidia) 256 memory
enermax liberty psu 400w

40deg -idle
46deg -full load
42deg -some activity

q'n'c enabled

hd temps:
30deg - idle, load

chipset temps:
33deg -idle
40deg -load

i play some rts, some cs:s, cs, halo, and some mmos like rfo

i was looking at the 6600gt or the 6800gs.. based on the budget of 150 - 300 cdn

thanks in advance..
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  1. i dont know about cdn, but out of those listed 6800 gs is better. 7800 gt would smoke both of those though
  2. 6800gs 6800gt and 7800gt all under 300 with shipping
  3. a 7800gt is as cheap as a 6800gt! and more powerfull!
  4. Another vote for the 7800GT!

    Plus I'd either get another 1G stick of ram or trade your 1G stick for 2x512 G so you have dual channel.
  5. 6600gt or 6800xt ddr3 or 6800gs, depends on what games you play
  6. ok finny the im talkin about the cheapest of alll6800 gssecond6800 gtand third all under 3007800gt
  7. Quote:
    6600gt or 6800xt ddr3 or 6800gs, depends on what games you play
    Sorry but NOOO!

    The 6800XT is overpriced garbage! 8 pipes! It is a disgrace. The 6600GT is way better and cheaper.

    The 6800GS is Ok at 12 pipes.
  8. i finally fixed the damn link
  9. I doubt he can get a 7800GT for under $300 Canadian Dollars. But yeah the obvious pecking order is 7800GT > 6800U> 6800GS > 6600GT, whatever he can afford. Seems like a shame not to do a 7800GT right? :)
  10. a 7800gt in canada is like 400 dollars + tax.. crazy.. umm i narrowed down my choices to 6800 and 6800gs as they are good in performance and house 256 mb memory.. The thing is however, is that i have to save the money to do so.. so should i splurg on the vanilla 6800 or the gs
  11. $300 cdn will not get you a 7800 GT, but it might get you a 6800 GS.
  12. yeah get any of the 6800gt or 6800gs or if u can find it 6800 ultra all good cards for under 300 cad
    good match for your amd3200
  13. Depends on how much you want to spend and how long you plan on keeping the card. Either one (6800GS or 6800GT) is a great card and will run fine with any game out there. But the 7800GT would probably be worth the wait if you plan on keeping the system a little longer.
  14. NVidia Geforce GT 630 2GB
    Will Be Great.
    Radeon HD 6670 Will Also Be Great.
    And These Are Long Lasting .
    7800GT Will Also Be Cool.
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