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I wanna change mobo, cpu, ram in a year or so, and i want to go amnd, now i know they wanna start using ddr2 memory and i'm wondering if it would be a good idea to invest on a 1g ddr400 ram stick. I play bf2 and it starts laggin so bad sometimes, even tho i have my 6600GT. i currently only have 768 MO of ram pc2700.


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  1. no wait for am2 and f
  2. If you already have 768 MB of PC2700 or PC3200 I wouldn't invest in 1 GB of PC3200 now... unless you really need the extra memory now !.

    Check your video card is a 6600 GT, and not 6600 'vanilla' if performance hurts, 768 MB with medium detail in BF2 should be fine.... assuming you haven't been running w/o mainboard chipsets drivers (more likely) and/or nVidias video drivers vs the Windows / DirectX default ones (less likely) for years. (Yes, many people do this out of ignorance, not choice.... and it hurts their performance in games heaps over many years.... all the while they think they need new hardware, when it's just a basic driver issue).

    Also run BF2 in minimum or low detail, find the settings that boost your frame rate with minimum loss of detail..... The game was coded / designed poorly and performs badly as a result, they let users select quality settings above what their hardware can handle w/o requiring an over-ride.

    Even so the 6600 GT isn't that great, esp on newer titles.

    Even with a ATI Radeon X800 XL or nVidia GeForce 6800 GT/GS it isn't anything 'great', even on my below system. (Quad-Processor Core AMD Opteron). The flow of the code is the actual bottleneck in BF2, you can watch the process using various tools from Microsoft, Intel and others.

    The earlier BF games where not so bad, but BF2 is shockers.... reliance on mass advertising usually works though. (Just look at Coke Cola).

    Invest your time getting EA / DICE to fix their BF2 game for more 'typical' hardware and learn to optimize / design things correctly.... or just switch to a different game that looks better, while running faster... all on older hardware. :P

    AMD Socket AM2 / Socket F for newer DDR2 based Athlon64 / Opteron processors is not that far away... in the mean time look into chipset and video drivers, check CPU isn't underclocked... you may just double your 'weighted minimum' frame rate in BF2.
  3. I assume when you say lagging you mean 'weighted minimum video frame rate' is very low (which can be lack of memory, HDD hitting, drivers, etc) and not 'network lag' which is something else entirely.

    You should say 'low frame rate' instead of 'lag' just in case, as it can cause confusion.
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