6800 GS ...Does this temperature look ok?

Overclocked at 500/1206 i get 71 degrees......is that in the ok range?

If not what are some good HSF?

i have a MSI nx 6800 GS btw.

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  1. too hot 50c is what max should with 6800gs be.but with that kind of overlock im not surprised
  2. Quote:
    too hot 50c is what max should with 6800gs be.but with that kind of overlock im not surprised

    Hmm...obviously you never owned a 6800GS...

    I own 2...in SLI...I have mine oc'd to 518MHz/1220MHz....

    The idle temps are GPU1: 41c & GPU2: 39c
    The load temps are between 50c - 71c on both cards...Those temps for me are quite common, so I would say with more certainty than somebody who never owned the cards, that that is normal.

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  3. dude half the harware i talk about i dont own myself i build with it for other people i have used and oced 98% of the hardware i talk about.
  4. By the reference to MSI I take it that you are talking about a PCI-E model?
    I have a BFG 6800GS AGP and these cards do tend to idle a little higher and show temps approaching 70C at full load even at stock speeds. I would however state that if you are regularly going over 70C (you didn't say if the temps you observed were at load or not) then you are really diminishing the life expectancy of your card. The NV5 has been recommended as an alternative cooling option by some but I'd recommend easing off on your OC a little regardless of the cooling method.
  5. wow, I just thought that 6800 has higher temp threshold. I don't know about you but my 7800 GTX 256 says that 115c is the threshold by default setting. I've been trying to get to that temp but all I can go is 83c. Im not scared of it overheating since it has lifetime warranty, Im just trying to porpusely reach to its soppusedly 115c temperature threshold. At 83c I still don't see any artifact and discoloration in my display so I guess its fine.
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