Need 32X slot & n71 chipset.(Plus some GB card)

Can you handle 40 lanes of pci express ENGINEERING, Do you know how to design for new n71 chipset & are familar with problems of one gb memory on game card, if so, you might make million figuring out design for upcoming finaliztion of current pci express technology.fIRST DESIGN 32x SLOT THAT WILL BE ADOPTED, fit rest of puzzle together. Well its up to you before we can move on to 96 lane jobs Intel dreams of(in published interviews).Seriously, once again path can be seen, just takes time for footprints to follow.PATENT PENDING.Signed:PHYSICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D.
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  1. i cant wait for pci-e 32 imagine the graphix speed :lol:
  2. :idea: Well, sharpen your pencil. It will be few weeks before "true" 16x sli with only one processor comes out in form of EPOX 9NF4SLI2OPTIMUS, However, there are several others from same mfg that have similar model numbers & arn't "true" 16x, so expect much hype & confusion while people insist on buying/marketing wrong products around new level starting up. However, just "true" 16x sli scores(fromm mfgs similar boards) should be amazing, yet thats lot of space interconnected by long lines & controllers when whole thing can easily slip into one card/one slot format & give "true" 32x speed. 3d-'06 should explode at that.Yet, if EPOX is bust, well, we may need many more pencils.First "true" 16x sli was from TYAN & used dual processor to double 20 lanes in all present day technology, it was hard go, with 4 months of controller upgrading to get it right. Cost approached $8,000 for workstation. I never saw any 3d'05 scores for it, belive they where in 20,000 range by late fall & faster graphics cards will boost that.TYAN then changed gears slightly & is dual core compatiable on that one, yet cost is too much for average public. Some pundits state that by time 16x is retired & 32x is on upswing, 8) '05 score could reach 34,000. yeah, I'd say thats exciting, thrice as fast & half as expensive.
  3. :oops: EPOX 9nf4 sli2 optimus 40 lane mainboard has been withdrawn from introduction according to moderator who contacted EPOX, while NVIDIA announced new 46 lane sli2 chipset m55pxe TODAY. However :D ,NVIDIA also announced G80 chipset coming same time as G71 chipset. G80 is "blaster" with directX 10 & shader model 4.0 plus huge list of other new stuff. I believe NVIDIA would be wise to introduce completely new 32X single slot & solution to get away from INTEL ,while putting out enough 32/40/46 & more lane 16X "true" sli mainboards to fill needs of people who bought 16X gamecards.Look up g80 in searh bar for recent blazing details on FASTEST YET chipset/card soon. Some specs:
    Signed:PHY64 Shader pipelines (Vec4+Scalar)
    32 TMU's
    32 ROPs
    128 Shader Operations per Cycle
    800MHz Core
    102.4 billion shader ops/sec
    512GFLOPs for the shaders
    2 Billion triangles/sec
    25.6 Gpixels/Gtexels/sec
    256-bit 512MB 1.8GHz GDDR4 Memory
    57.6 GB/sec Bandwidth (at 1.8GHz)
    WGF2.0 Unified Shader
    SICIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D.(I didn't know I had it in me.) :twisted:
  4. More lanes of traffic (32) to GPU should speed up the graphics yet another .1 frames per second in various games, or, about the same difference we see going from PCIex8 to 16x to 16x times 2 in SLI...; essentially....none. :-)
  5. :idea: Theres' Something else happening here rather than new SLOT. Thats "HYPER TRANSPORT 3.0" That doubles speed of lanes instead of doubling lane count.=HyperTransport 3.0 links which will again double the data rate per port= Actually to cpu & memory first. So 32X Slot might just be more slippery mud, yet potential is already 32X BY sli "TRUE" 16x, so it must be utilized. Your games are probably not shown in Q-WXGA resolution of 3,000 X 2,400, only IBM had such system & Chinese stopped offering that. Just as difficult are displays over 40" especially HDTV, There are -NO- game cards that can do proper display at that size at present (takes Multi DVI ports just for start off). So more is need not just 32X slot,Probably beyond HDMI as well, especialy with "HOLOGRAPHIC" Data disks that can handle enormous amounts of DATA at very fast read rates.Image of present DISPLAY formats Its like"when they build it, Software will follow". Never reverse(How Could They?). Hardware, then VISTA O/S Platform,then Software games.Certainly there must be greater data through put, intiating 32X Data to one slot (16X?) is next step & at some point Hypertransport 3.0 will be conquered, then PCI EXPRESS 32X Slot -X- architecture will move on up to front line, thats less than 3 years away. Memory may change, quad core will be in mid life, Holographic storage will be kicking in, & HDTV1080P in 60 frames will be long ago done deal, so it is little bit too far out at this time, yet soon enough, considering how long it took to get here. Basicly there will be 32X slot, yet it will handle 64X of data.
  6. Is english a second language to you? Your posts make no frigin sense.

  7. 8O When Thing Grows UP, it should be 128X before any additional Slot changes are needed. That will be enough for Q-WUXVGA. sorry about your BRAIN TUMOUR.feed it & World will be BETTER Off.Re: Report Abuse: Re:.... " 8)
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