what is the cheapest agp video card and...

will it run with a 366mhz processor and 96mb or ram, not sure mobo but it has an agp slot so it should work
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  1. To be honest any agp video card still avaible will either not run or be a pointless overkill. You goint to struggle playing the origional half life on that

    my advice buy a new pc!
  2. i am buying a new pc but i want to get at least a 16mb card to play some of my old games on and maybe play with someone else on the new one
  3. For $30 US or so you should be able to find a 64mb 9000 PRO.
  4. AN old GF2 MX should be plenty for an older rig to play games up to Q3....

    (I played Q3 with a K6-2/350 for a while so equipped, so that would work)
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