Which memory???

Hey guys.

I after some advice on a memory selection. Ive been running some scrap 3200 cheap and cheerfull and want to spec it up to match my system.

Im happy enough with a gig right now but would consider going higher!

Let me know your thought, thanks.

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  1. so what exactly do you want to do?
  2. I would like to get some advice on what memory type to buy.

    Are there considerations to understand, does the memory need match my system, motherboard, etc.

    Ive been building this system over a year or so and think memory is the weak link at the moment.

    Maybe not, what do you think?


  3. By the way, If you havent guessed yet, Im not so technical!

  4. the actual diffrence between cheap and expensive memory is the timings, and how far it will overclock (and sometimes, stability) - cheap DDR400 might run at cas/cl 3 (spectek etc), budget branded ram will do 2.5 (corsair value seletc etc), and the expensive stuff will do cl2(corsair xms etc) (lower the less time between cycles or the faster the system will respond) - the diffrence? price, and 5% performance.

    There aint much diffrence in faster ram.
  5. Thanks for your reply

    So I guess what your saying is that it may not be worth replacing the memory I already have for such a small performance increase!

    What do you think about increasing? Could I just add some decent memory alongside?

    Thanks again.

  6. Find some decent Corsiar XMS PC3200 or above, and you are set...will alow for 10% OC with little fanfare.....

    If searching for above 250-275 Mhz FSB, you'll need something better..

    If just wanting decent mem for stock clocks of 200 MHz, check out Corsair Value Select...

    Memory = Corsair or OCZ, for the most part...they dominate! (Geil is popular with those unafraid of tweaking mem voltages to 2.95V and beyond, I hear)
  7. "Could I just add some decent memory alongside?

    You'd do better to replace the lot (slap those sticks in a friends system!)with 2 ea 1 GB sticks, preferably with Corsair XMS or Value Select, depending on your budget, as running them together would cause the mem to run at the timings of the lowest quality installed....

    In gaming, there might be a 2-3% difference between CAS2 and CAS2.5 in some framerate benchmarks, but then the gpu is the most important there anyway...
  8. You are already running SLI, I see?

    I doubt if jumping from 95 fps to 97 fps in FEAR would merit a $250 additional investment in memory...

    Save your money for the upcoming G71/7900! :-)
  9. i got a 512 mb 400 ghz ram from kingston (pc3200) with CL3. i added a twinmos 512 mb 400 ghz (pc3200) but with CL2.5.

    am i gonna have stability problem? i mean they run fine now (at CL3 accordin to CPU-Z), but will it cause a problem in the future?
  10. Thanks guys! You've all been helpfull.

    Im thinking I wont be replacing the Graphic cards soon, as I only bought them in January, but I do think the move from 1GB to 2GB will about set my hardware for this year! eBay will benefit from the old stock me thinks!

    Although some added cooling might be a consideration in a few months!

    Watch this space!

    Thanks mdd1963, XMS was sort of where I was thinking.

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