Just set up my new rig in an Antec P180 - Need Advice!

All your owners of the Antec P180 case out there, I need your advice. I have found that the interior is more cramped than I anticipated after installing all my devices (eVGA GeForce 7800GT, 2 optical drives, 2 hard drives in upper drive cage, and a Zalman CNPS9500 CPU cooler- the biggest space hog). This is my first ever build and everything booted upon first power up and I got right into WinXP setup. However, I'm looking for advice on cable routing and generally making things look a little better inside. As it was my first build, you can imagine the mess that the cables are in inside the case.

Do you guys use cable ties? Electrical tape? Just curious for any advice that you guys can offer me.

Thanks in advance for your time and insight.
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  1. Heh, the way they have it set up, it is a bit cramped. I don't own one personally, but I've looked a a few builds on the net. Basically for cable management you have to take a good long hard look at all the cables and where they have to go. Try to see how you can routh them along seams / corners / rails inside the case. With the P180, an cables you dont need stay in the bottom compartment. As far as the rest, there are cable sleeving kits out there. But really, cable ties will do the same thing. Get some cable hangers and attach them to the interior of the case to keep the cables neat and tidy. What will really make the biggest difference is the lengths of the PSU cables, because that will determine just how and where you can route them.

    Good luck

  2. make sure to use rounded cables wherever possible. Extra power supply cables can be put inbetween the motherboard tray and the rightside case wall.
    Using tie-wraps and the little sticky-backed holders for them is all you need to clean things up. You could use a sleeving kit lit this one though.
  3. Hey, you know what I did? I used the bottom HDD cage -- the one behind the PSU for my HDDs. The one that is in front of the vid card -- THAT I removed and kinda pushed all my cables over there. I think that's the best advice.
  4. I wanted a cleaner looking case and a sli supported Power Supply, so I bought the Enermax Liberty 500w. It has sleeved cables and gives a better look than the traditional cables.

    I would try and route your cables so that they are not an eye sore, or purchase another power supply. Oh! The ties come in handy:)
  5. I have the same case. Did you know it has a cable management system? It helped me alot, as a matter of fact this is probably the cleanest case I have used.

    First the PSU has removable cables, only use the ones you need.

    The cable management hooks are behind the external bays. Loop all of the extra cable around the hooks so that wires are not laying all ofer the place.

    Wires like the SATA data cables won't make it to the cable management hooks so I tuck them underneath the drive cages.
  6. No kidding. Why would you buy this case and not use the lower drive cage first? Makes a huge difference, at least for me it did.
  7. Did you find that the Enermax Liberty 500w was difficult to fit in as the cables are modular and seem to extend the width of the PSU.

    I have an Antec P180 and have been looking for a modular PSU. I am contemplating this one and the Hiper Type-R 580W. The Hiper Type seems to be even larger with the cables than the Enermax, but I can get it slightly cheaper.

    Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. This is how I setup mine. Could be better, but meh, no window so who will see? :p

    I have an Enermax Liberty 180 620W btw mrx9.


    I have a 120MM fan in the front middle, so I couldent pack the top hdd cage full of cables. There are some handy spaces either side of the floppy drive bay which I used for the floppy cable.

    Basicly, I found a massive tub of cable ties, so went overboard with those. Remember to clip of the extra bit of the tie after you tighten it.

    The CNPS 9500 blows the air towards the 2 exhaust fans ofc. It would be realy quiet if it was not for the X1800XT :

    Even rounded ATA cables are a pain, I wish somebody would make an SATA DVD drive. :P

    Btw, anyone had any problems with the side and front pannels? The front door of my case came kind of bent, so it does not close completley unless you lock it. Also I noticed the aluminium on one of the side pannels seems to be coming away from the pannel. IF you press it flat and let go it sounds like it is held on with double sided tape. 8O
  9. Nicely laid out - I hope I get mine to look that good.
    Do you have a fan controller for the case fans or just leave them on all the time?
  10. Ty & good luck assembling it all. :)

    Nope, no fan controller, I might get one though. :) I have just set the speed to low on all the fans with the 3 speed setting thing attached to all the fans.

    The motherboard automaticly ajusts the cpu fan speed acording to temperature, so it is usualy off or at low speed. The case has realy good airflow. :D I think it is worth getting a quiet 120MM fan for the front, It seems to help. :)
  11. Thanks - I think I will need the luck - I am just getting all components together over next few months. Am waiting for AMD Dual Core CPUS to come down in price.

    So far have motherboard and just ordered PSU - gone for Enermax Liberty 500.

    No doubt will need tons of advice as time gets closer.

    Am going to plan case with diagrams etc as a guide and then fit power supply and possibly motherboard - although some advice is to fit AMD CPU with cooler before attaching motherboard to case.
  12. Quote:
    Btw, anyone had any problems with the side and front pannels? The front door of my case came kind of bent, so it does not close completley unless you lock it. Also I noticed the aluminium on one of the side pannels seems to be coming away from the pannel. IF you press it flat and let go it sounds like it is held on with double sided tape. 8O

    Have you removed the protective plastic on the sides? I might have to look into that some.

    Did you guys remove black "video card vent" that only really serves to get in the way of installing things? I've left it in there for now, but I'm thinking it would probably get in the way of a better (bigger) heatsink.
  13. Hey -
    I managed to get my P180 looking really nice with a bit of tricky cable routing, altho my Zalman 7000cu isnt nearly as big a space hog as your nice new one :D
    I tried to run everything I could behind the top HD cage...its hiding alot of my wires. Most everything else I tried to hide in the 1' or so of space between the right panel and the back of the MB tray.

    Heres a few pics of how I cheated...

    If youre wondering, I used Vetwrap for the cable sleeving... I posted a Topic about it here: Cable Sleeving Thread
    Theres also more pics of my rig there, you can see how clean the inside turned out.
  14. That looks like a really good job. I forgot that you can even take the other side panel off. :oops:
  15. Very nice - thanks for the tip on Vetwrap - just ordering some now from ebay.
  16. who ever said something about their case being bent

    o your case will warp over time cuz its aluminum.

    the sid epanels will bend and the front door wont close correctly

    this is the prob with the P180, i agree its very purty but the aluminum warps in a few months
  17. wow that has to be one of the neatest layouts ive ever seen the inside of mine looks like wire soup :lol: :lol: :lol:
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