Sis 5598 vga problem plz help!

hi there people! can anyone please help me?! i installed windows 98 on my p2 233 with 32mb ram and a 20gb harddrive. the motherboard is an asus with a sis 5598 chipset on. everytime i install the vga driver i get a blue screen of death on the next startup! the driver i installed was sis 5598_113! it then tells me that it can only run 16 colours at 640x480.

come one clever guys! help me!
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  1. Is the driver routine an automated install routine. or are you selecting the "Update Driver"?

    (Also, be sure you are using the correct one (Win98), there might be a diff driver for WInME, etc...)
  2. yes,it an automated one and it is for windows 98.
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