x850xt hit wall at 584/1208

I installed my x850xt pcie yesterday, and i started overclocking right away.

The first problem i had was the fan was stuck on 5%.. :?
so i downloaded ati tray tools, and the problem is fixed. I hear that's a problem with some sapphires.

All was fine, and the oc just wouldn't stop until i hit a wall at 584/1208, so i backed it down to 580/1204 and it works fine.

Any ideas on how to go higher?
Can i play around with the memory latency settings or will does do some serious damage? :twisted:

I know i can go higher the temperature stays at 56C at full load. (fan 100%)
this card seems to be a good overclocker, think it could hit 600 on stock air? :mrgreen:
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  1. What was the wall, was it artifacts or the utility would not allow setting higher?
  2. The utility freezes. Monitor turns off for a second.
    Catalyst control center says that the card stopped responding and it VPU recovered it.
  3. Hi,

    I suggest that you imprve yout cooling, I have the sapphire x850xt PE and my card topped out at 624/649

    I have a swiftech mcw55 GPU waterblock and some swiftech copper ram sinks

    hope this helps


    PS try using omega drivers, with Ati Tray tools built it, I obtained my highest overclocks with these drivers and program
  4. is 56 degrees high? It doesn't seem like that much.

    I'll try those omega drivers and see if it goes faster.
    I think your PE overclocks better than the regular though.. :twisted:

    the PE has faster memory chips
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