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Hey guys,
Iam getting a new computer for christmas (Iam 15 years old) and I had
a lexmark X1150 all-in-one printer. But Iam upgrading to a Lexmark
X5150 all-in-one and I was wondering about the quality of this
printer. My sister has a Dell A940, isnt it the same thing? Anyway, my
lexmark has been used in a dusty envirnment. It works probably 98% of
the time. I contacted lexmark. They said it needs to be taken out of
that envirnment and be cleaned. It has been taken away from the dusty
office, but how do I go about deep cleaning it properly? also, what do
you use to clean flat panel LCD's? I will have the gateway Fpd1730
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?)

    WOW! not all at once!! No one out there has one of these?
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