msi socket am2 motherboard

interesting article from the inquirer has link to picture of msi socket am2
motherboard. just wondering what you think about it.
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  1. To me this just highlights the one drawback to buying AMD. Changing memory types means not only a new mobo but also a new CPU. This should be a desirable new box purchase item but only a small incremental upgrade choice for those using 939s now. Intel is moving to DDR3 memory and 65nm dies. Let's wait and see what the new processors look like for both brands. Should be an interesting summer...
  2. Yes intel probably thinks they are taking a bigger leap in performace by switching to ddr3 but i hope u do realize that ddr3 has a way higher latency. It would most defintely not be worth it for the rise in price.
  3. :oops: :oops: I don't like manufacturer here. They take old technology controllers & slap new slots or sockets in to gyp people thinking performance will be up to new sockets level.controllers you mentioned are not:C51XE+MCP55PXE with 46 PCI EXPRESS Lanes, they are cut back versions of that,with crumy 20 pci express lanes(really slow down with parsed controlers) With this mainboard, there have been phoney photographs with no floppy slot & pictures with floppy slot. Dose it or dosn't it have true floppy port that is useable, my guess is if AM2 is supposed to have floppy slot.Anyway I'd really stay away from this first intro, due to poor reputation of manufacturer.Signed:PHYSCIAN THOMAS STEWART VON DRASHEK M.D. :lol:
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