please... PLEASE HELP!!

I don't know what's going on with my USB ports, but it's driving me crazy..

At first I thought it was my Ipod, because I'd keep getting random "could not read from disc" messages while putting songs on there..

Then my USB mouse starts cutting in and out.. No pattern.. one second it's fine, the next it's out (it's a Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0)..

It's driving me crazy!! It seems I can get it to work for a while once it cuts out for good and I get a "USB device not recognised" message on my tray by unplugging it and plugging it back in to the same or a different port (doesn't seem to make a difference which)..

It's taken about 30 plugs and unplugs to get to THIS point (re-registering with this forum, getting to this section, etc).. :evil:

I've done everything I, with my very limited troubleshooting ability, can think of..

I've run check disk.. Nothing.. Adaware and Spybot.. Nothing..

I don't think it's a virus, though, as I have an external router and Norton's antivirus

When I check the device manager the exclamation point appears over the mouse when it flickers in and out, but of course I can't click on it, because my mouse doesn't work..

I flashed my BIOS, which seemed to go without a hitch..

Is this a problem with my USB root manager (all ports, front and back, are affected, not just one)?

Or my motherboard?

Please, please please, if you have any ideas to share before I spend $60 an hour on a computer tech share them with me!!!
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  1. There could be a few possiblities....

    1) Check to make sure your cables arent dodgy. My mouse doesnt always respond... as you say it 'cuts in and out'... but thats because the cable is naff and I need a new mouse. All my charger equipment works.

    2) I assume you have more than one USB port, and have tried them all? If so, there could be a driver problem or something. Goto task manager, and remove from the hardware manager. Reboot XP (assuming you have XP) and it should re-recognise it and reinstall the default drivers. Then do a windows update. Or do a windows update first.

    3) Recently installed hardware or software may cause a conflict somewhere down the line. Installed much recently?

    4) If all else fails, or the ports themselves are dud, you may need to get a USB2 card. I have one - got four extra ports, less than a tenner. I messed up some other ones when I stood on the cables, whilst plugged in, whilst my comp was on the floor, where my USB ports are a few mm off the ground anyway :S .

    I'm sure someone else might be able to think of what it may be.
  2. 1. Like I say, my Ipod is doing the same thing..

    2. Yup. Like I said.. All of them, the 4 in the back and the 2 in the front have the same problem..

    3. No.

    4. A new USB card I can do.. So it's nothing to do with the MB?
  3. Quote:
    4. A new USB card I can do.. So it's nothing to do with the MB?

    Unless your MB is 10 years old and still USB1.0

    If I were you:

    1) Roll back USB manager drivers to original
    check to see if it works
    2) Windows Update
    check to see if it works
    3) USB2.0 card

  4. 1. How do I do that?

    2. No new updates

    3. a distinct possibility

    Thanks for the help!
  5. Maybe your motherboard has USB 1.0 and the mouse is only compatible with USB 2.0. Have you contact support for the mouse manufacturer?
  6. No, it's USB2..

    It's the weirdest thing, though..

    Since I flashed the BIOS, I rebooted one more time, then it was still happening, so I changed ports one more time, to one of the rear ones, and I haven't had a problem since...


    It's too bad, as this could have been a good excuse for an upgrade.. LOL

    But I shouldn't jinx it, as I don't have the money right now..
  7. It's back..

    KNEW I shouldn't have jinxed it... :(
  8. Have you tried plugging in other USB devices like digital camera to see if it doing the same thing? I've always used plug and play USB devices, save me a lot of headaches.
  9. Umm..


    I keep saying the Ipod gets screwed up, too, when I plug it into the USB ports.. :)
  10. Shot in dark?

    In the bios of most computers there is a setting for boosting the power level. Some of the older boards have a jumper setting on the motherboard. Might try boosing the power to the device if it an option.

    Don't mix 1.1 and 2.0 devices on the same controller, that impacts the 2.0 devices.
  11. Haha.. That's totally out of my league, repair wise..

    Anyways, I don't even know if it's an option..
    My MoBo's only about 3 years old..

    Hardly ancient, though we are talking about PC's..
  12. Look through the installation and setup on the abit. If it's a hardware jumper, it's easy to move. If its a BIOS setting, you don't have to open the case.
  13. Like I said, I tossed the installation guide.. :(
  14. You can download them on line. I did an Abit mb that was 8 years old a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Huh..

    Must have missed it.. I did download the "flashguru" wizard they had on there..

    That was awesome..

    Much less hassle than I feared it would be (flashing the BIOS)..
  16. Just looking inside my computer..

    The USB2 card has my LAN connection on there, too, which I use for my cable internet connection..

    So why isn't my internet connection cutting in and out, too, if it's the card?

    And why would the USB1 card and the other 2 USB port headers on the Mobo be screwing up, too?

    Thanks again for your help!
  17. how many devices do you have plugged in at one time?
    If you have a lot of stuff pulling power from the usb that could cause devices to go in and out.
    I had the same thing on my old computer. Once I got a 2.0 card, mb was 1.0 or 1.1 whatever, I havent had my mouse drop out at all. Still run stuff off the old one just not the mouse.
  18. I just have the printer and the mouse plugged in all the time, and the digital camera and Ipod once in a while..
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