Question: Win 7 Upgrade On A New Home Built Computer.

Here's my history and my question.

About six years ago I built my first desktop. I bought and installed a copy of XP.
About a year ago I bought and installed an upgrade copy of Win 7 on the same desktop.

I just built my second desktop. Will this upgrade copy of Win 7 install on this new computer (the boot drive is brand new)? The old desktop is not in service so I will not be using the same copy of Windows 7 on two computers.

If it won't install, could I install the old XP and then do a clean install of Win 7 over it?

Can I install a 64 bit Win 7 over a 32 bit XP (the processor supports 64 bit).

Your advice is very much appreciated.
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    Have a look at this link:

    You may have to call MS and explain the situation if it doesn't let you activate it, but so long as you aren't using the same copy on 2 computers, they should allow it.
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