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i have an intel celeron d 2.53 ghz processor. with 1 gig ram and a ati video card w/ 128 megs mem. when playing a game like city of heros after 10 mins the gsame slows down. do you think it's the cpu should i go to the p4 w/ h.t?
and yes i am on a cable line 4.5meg down and 768k up. what should i do
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  1. Game slows down after 10 min. it could be the CPU temps or the connection. Does your pc slow down when you are playing games that are not online? If not then it could be just the connection but if it does then it could be the cpu temp.
  2. Quote:
    Dial up cable hmmm, not really good for online gaming

    I don't think 4.5M download rate counts as a dial up grade cable connection.

    bandit076, it looks like this thread is the same as your Celeron D one. Having two only complicates things as the replies are split and people can't build on each other.
  3. what temp should i be lower then. as of now i am at 38 c
  4. throttling
  5. Your "ATI 128MB card" isn't a passivly cooled x300se by chance is it?
  6. its because you have an intel processor. they tend to do those things.
  7. Quote:
    what temp should i be lower then. as of now i am at 38 c

    check your temps at full load. maybe it goes way beyond 38*C , also your motherboard temps could be off. when your playing games your temps go uppppppppppppp
  8. I'd say you've got a heat problem with your graphics card. Unless you've got your HSF installed wrong on the processor, its definately not your processor. I have a machine here with the same processor and it plays COH/COV just fine. Just for a test, try opening up the side of the case and log into COH. Watch the CPU and Graphics (if the graphics card has one) fans. See if they are running clean (no dust) and full speed. Wouldn't be a bad idea at all to take some compressed air and blow them out. Make sure you have the most current drivers too. Cryptic Studios is using a more advanced graphics engine for COV and they are incorporating that same engine to COH. Problem is, there is tons of lag and instability during this process. Additionally, it has been noted in the forums that they are having tons of issues currently with ATI cards. Expansion 7 is supposed to address many of these issues.
  9. Funnily enough, my first thought was anti-virus. Not as in being infected, but as in the AV software is slowing everything down. :lol:
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