graphics stuttering(video included)

I have had to endure what you will see on the video for 5 months. I endure nothing but skipping and stuttering. I have replaced the video card, processor, and mobo. the only things that might be causing this are the hard drive, psu, or RAM.

Watch the video and notice the abnormal hiccups or stutters. They happen in far greater number and in much greater magnitude than those in the video. It happens in any application involving movement. even this browser does it when i scroll down or move the window.

here is the video:

please someone help me so i can know what to send out for warranty.

watch either one.

please help me, im going crazy over this.

and yes ive tried all the chipset drivers and all.
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  1. Pls need more info on your system like cpu, mobo, ram, capacity, speed etc.
  2. I can't connect to the link of the video.
  3. Ok first what video card do you have
  4. ok, you CAN connect to the video, it just takes a bit.

    I am using a radeon x800 pro. 2gigs corsair 3400 ram, amd athlon 64bit 3400 cpu, maxtor 7200 rpm 250 gig harddrive. Asus A8v mobo.
  5. Try this site and uninstall you drivers for video card. Uninstall your video card in system (add remove software) then reboot and cancel out when it asks for you to install drivers. run dc pro then reboot. Then load your video card drivers( up-to-date DRIVERS) then reboot. This should fix your problems. Check the temps on your machine. You could also have a power supply problem. Get a multi meter and test the voltage's out of the psp.
    Good luck
  6. sounds like the sound card causing this try to turn the sound hardware to medium. If sound isent the problem than is the gpu fan working good.
  7. interesting...I have never encountered a video problem cause by the soundcard.
  8. Ive used drivercleaner and reinstalled drivers. I just put a brand new 480 watt psu in today. I believe it is still persisting.

    And what do you mean about the sound card?

    Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. sound drivers not working right can cause choppy graphics. do what I mentioned in the other post. Or could be codes for the sound
  10. my realtek ALC650 made my celeron 1700 system (1700/256mb/gf4ti) work worse then my P3 600/geforce2 system (both set on low) in battlefield 1942 until i installed a spare cmedia cmi8738 card and then i could run the game smoother on high then before on low - sound cards are a btich' with games, dont underestimate there damage on performance.
  11. I put in my older pci sound card and it makes no difference.
  12. Did you uninstall the drivers, than shut down the computer than boot up disabe the onboard sound than install the new ones for the sound card and what type of sound did you put in.
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