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k so i bought my laptop from ibuypower about 5 months ago was running fine until about 3 and a half months ago where it started randomly shutting was very hot underneath the laptop next to one of the big fans...its gotten to the point where i cant keep it on for more than like 10 minutes at a time...thank god its still under warranty but do you guys have any suggestions for me before i use it?
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  1. Sounds like one of the fans has failed. If it only stays up for 10 minutes, its definately got a hardware problem. It needs to be looked at or replaced.
  2. both fans work fine at good speeds...idk what its called that heats up...but its a silver little box thing like under those copper tunnel things...that probably sounds verrry innacurate but do you have any idea what im talking about?
  3. Can you be more specific about the model & brand?

    idk what its called that heats up...but its a silver little box thing like under those copper tunnel things...that probably sounds verrry innacurate but do you have any idea what im talking about?

    No I have no idea what you are rambling about.
  4. ok didnt think so...
    i have an ibuypower batallion s-turbo 1 withan amd athlon 3700 processor...i have an american megatrends mobo but not sure how good it is...i ordered 1 gig of corsair ram but apparently i got 1 gig of kingston...i have an ATI mobility radeon 9600-9700 graphics card and i assume its a pretty good computer but its dying randomly and frequently
  5. That system has the potential to get very hot. Can you take it apart w/o voiding the warranty?

    If the system is cold when you boot it (i.e. it's been turned off for half an hour or so), how long does it run? If it is crashing because of heat in ten minutes from a cold boot, your HSF is probably not seated correctly.

    I would start by making sure cool N Quiet is enabled in the bios. While you're in there, see if there is fan speed settings. If so put them on max. If there are frequency & voltage controls (probably under advanced options), please post them.
  6. That machines definately got a heat index problem then. As cunnil .... cunill ... cunnillin ..... whats his name said (sorry man LOL) its probably the HSF not seated right which would be the silver looking thingy you described. Of course, it also could be for graphics but more than likely, thats the heatsink itself.
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  8. well...they voided the warranty...i got it with a screw screwed through it...and i have nooo idea how to get to the bios and set them up and stuff...i have it so my main fan is on the edge of my desk so it can release as much air as possible...i took off one of the bottom covers last night and the fans were a little dusty but thats it...and everything looked fine, but if you could direct me on how exactly to do this bios thing that would be verrry helpful
  9. Boot the system. Press F2 or delete or whatever it says to enter the "setup" "configuration" or whatever they call it. It will be a very basic screen (no mouse). Use the arrow keys to navigate and + and - to change things.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: don't change anything unless you know what you are doing.
    See if there is a "health monitoring" or system setting where you can see temps and fan speeds.

    If you are unsure after you look around, there is an option when you exit to NOT save. Use that one :)
  10. I know exactly what you are talking about with this laptop. A few of my friends picked up this laptop because they gave a discount to millitary service members. After a few months they started to have problems and of course me bieng the only computer oriented person they trusted I was stuck with the task of unscrewing 4 of these Ibuyterdz. First thing is first there is no power management features in the bios to clear that up. I wil tell you what I did to get there laptops up to snuff. First I want to verify that it is the same model laptop, underneath there is a model # of 258ka0 or 258ka4 which identifies it as a UNIWILL laptop. If this is correct here is what I did.

    I downloaded the latest CPU driver and installed it to enable the cool n quiet,,30_182_871_12474,00.html

    Then I downloaded the IBM/Hitachi bootable ISO image of the Feature Tool 2.0 and burned it to a CD to boot into DOS and Change the APM (Advanced Power Management) of the hard drive (the hot thing that you lay your left palm on the laptop). These drives leave the factory with everything turned up to enhance performance but all it does is create alot of heat. There is a PDF manual available to download I would recommend you download and print this to have a reference while doing it.

    Then I installed NGO Video drivers since the Windows drivers that were installed did not allow you to change the power features of the Video card either

    The very last thing I did was ensure that the 4 spring loaded screws that hold the cooler down were secure with a screwdriver. I found them to be loose as hell on all of them. I secured them by tightening them gently with little force since the threaded studs are in the motherboard.

    If you are lost and have no idea what im talking about then print this and take it to a trusted computer shop. This will not void the warranty in any way as long as you dont remove the CPU Cooler completely from the Motherboard.

    Good luck and let me know if you have any questions
  11. its a 258ka5.....
  12. You can still install the driver for the processor to enable the cool n quiet and check the 4 screws i spoke of earlier. I'm pretty sure everything is the same since the 4 I had fixed were in stepping from 258ka0 to ka4 and all of them visually were identical.
  13. and also cunning...i got into the bios and it was like main advanced that stuff...but i have no idea where to go after i get to the bios screen
  14. craftsman do you have AIM or yahoo so i can talk to you about this?
  15. Run SpeedFan to get some temperatures. If you dont know what it is, google it ;)

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  16. AIM is DNLIAGER im on right now.
  17. -_- my system idle process was 00 but i fixed it...just by uninstalling spyware doctor cause it was running all the time and using microsoft antispyware
    ...not sure if it will work forever tho
  18. LOL :oops:
  19. i know this thread has been dead for a while but im having problems with the same model of laptop from ibuypower. first off, not to be rude or pretentious, i dont know why you went through all that stuff to fix yours other than it may have been cheaper, i had the same problem when i tried running games. it would shut down after about 10 min, all i did was remove the bad stick of RAM and it worked just fine.

    on to my problem, about a month ago i closed the lid to put my machine into standby and it never went into standby so i just held the power button and shut it off. aftyer that when i tried to start it up it came to the screen after the bios that stated windows had be shut down incorrectly and it asked how i wanted to start windows; safe mode, safe w/cmnd prompt, safe w/networking, start windows with last good known config and start normally. safe mode worked, starting windows normally and in the "last known good config" window would start to boot and about halfway through the boot loading screen (windows logo with scrolling load bar) it would lock up.

    i have swapped out the RAM, replaced the CMOS battery, tried starting w/o the CMOS battery, tried starting on just AC with the main battery out, tried reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling the OS (which kept freezing halfway into install until one day finally got it installed and computer worked for about a week then problem reoccured) replaced the hard drive and the last two things i have to try are to replace the CPU (i have one waiting), and to replace the mainboard and chipset.

    if anyone has any other suggestions or knows where to get a mainboard chaeper than $300 (Uniwill's price) please help, thank you in advance
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