new gaming rig

i finally decided to pick out my parts the only thing is that im too lazy to build and my mom thinks im not old enough so i decided to get a hp
amd 3700+
asus a8ae l8
2 gigs ocz
450 w psu
200 gig hd
ati x1900xtx

i have decided to change the power supply, video card, and extra ram
only con is i cant overclock but it should still last me about 2 years and i will upgrade the processor eventually
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  1. The 1900XTX is indeed quite a performer, but, I'd save the $100 and drop down to the 1900XT (only 25 MHz 'slower' on core/mem) , and get a 500-550 watt PS....

    Unless you are ordering/assembling this rig in the next couple of weeks, you might even tempted to wait and see what the new Nvidia G71/7900 brings to the table in performance...
  2. yeh i guess i could but i want to c the performance of the ati card if the 7900 turns out to be amazing then i will get it
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