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I'm looking to upgrade a server that I have. Right now, I have a Tyan P3 x 2 with 4 SCSI drives. I'm considering an upgrade to a Tyan K8SR S2881 G2NR or a K8SR S2881 UG2NR Opteron board. From what I have found, the difference is that the UG2NR supports SCSI drives and SATA. The G2NR only supports SATA drives. I've only used SCSi drives in the past. I guess that my question is whether or not the SATA drives alone will be sufficient for a server. I'm not familiar with SATA drives. Are they the wave of the future in the server market???

Thank you.
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  1. If your doing an upgrade - keeping your existing scsi drives will be cheaper.
    If you want a new system, then it depends.

    it also depends on what your server is doing.
    For raw blazing speed, scsi still wins -- but at a price.
    if you just need acres of disk space SATA/IDE is a better deal on $ per GB.

    I run a K8WE board with 2 scsi drives.

    The 6mo old maxtor scsi drive still posts 4ms access times, 50mb/s sustained transfer rates with peaks of 90ish. Faster than the just released Raptor 150 drive -- although they cost about the same.
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