Connection case leds to motherboard question.

Since i upgraded to Asus P4G8X Deluxe mobo i havent connected case leds, just reset and power buttons, today i got inside my case to connect LED that reports HDD activity, but havent found where i should connect it. Here's screen from my manual link.

I also have no cluse what third led doing (yelloq one in the middle)?
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  1. If you look at that connector on the motherboard itself, you should see printed around it what all the pins are for such HDD LED or HD LED and you would want to connect the colored wire as your positive side. Usually connectors have a colored wire and a common black or white to indicate ground.

    As far that middle light goes, is it always on while the machine is on?
  2. What case do you have? Sometimes the connector for the hdd led is in a different loction from the power,reset,speaker,pw led connections. It is usually within one inch of those connectors, but I have seen it split away.
  3. I'll take a look for HDD pins around my mobo then, but there is no HD or HDD marking on that 20 pin panel where all other pins go.

    Bout middle light, its not connected yet, only one top light (with lamp icon next to it) is connected. Should nnt this icons mean something, i assume light icon is power led, cylindr is for hdd then what lightning icon?

    Btw is it safe to connect disconnect them while pc is running?

    EDIT --------------------------------------------------------------------

    I found it in manual it was labeled IDE_LED and pins right before 20 pin panel, also i read label on middle light led it says Turbo, i remember there was turbo button on on old P2 pc's is there any use of this led this days?
  4. Yeah definately the bottom light is HDD and the one above it should be power. As far a turbo light, I haven't seen those for years. I remember the old pentium 33s and 66s having those turbo modes and lights in fact, I still have one brand new in a box that I never used. The thing is a huge dinosaur with an old 5.25 floppy drive. Well, enough memory lane talk .. Glad to see you worked it out man ...
  5. Quote:

    I found it in manual it was labeled IDE_LED and pins right before 20 pin panel,

    I told you that it was seperate from all the other front panel connections. Btw What kind of case is it. It is strange to have a turbo light
  6. Quote:
    Yeah definately the bottom light is HDD and the one above it should be power.

    No mate one above HDD light is yellow and it have turbo marking, the green one have hdd marking, besides manual says power light is green.

    Thats case, it came with P4 PSU and no turbo button :)
  7. perhaps its a standby led? some oem boards and cases have em - when ur in the power mode it will come on.
  8. It it strange, but I do remember that symbol used for "Turbo" mode on old 8088/286/386/486 systems. I remember building 8088 XT rigs that could switch from 4.77(!) MHz to Turbo 8MHz. We were really flying! It made my AutoCAD 1.0 PC with a green monochrome 640x400 display really fly, although I could still watch it draw each line individually in the screen. Nothing like CAD design, 1987-style! (Yes, I'm old)

    It might be there to indicate when the computer is in standby or sleep mode as opposed to being completely off. That would depend on the mobo having a header for such a light, though.
  9. Power Led lights when pc is running, and flashing when pc is in standby so perhaps its yellow is just additional LED to be used for anything then...
  10. Hook it up to Windows Update so that it lights whenever Windows has a security flaw discovered and needs a patch. Oops, then it would be lit all the time.... 8)

    Or maybe it indicates when the waffles are done cooking.
  11. LOL!! The Bill Gates Express ...

    I'll take some waffles ...
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