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I'm planning to buy a new rig this year, what is the technology to wait for (CPU/Grapics/mem etc)
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  1. CPU => You could wait for the New AMD M2 socket series... though I've seen reports from a Q2-Q4 release. So how long would you want to wait? If not, the X2 Dual Core series, Opteron Dual Core series or even the single core AMDs are worth a shot and are out now. If you're into Intel, Conroe is on the books for a release this year (AFAIK).

    Graphics => This industry is bringing new equipment to the table so often, your newest card wont be the newest in 3-6 months. The latest out by ATi is the X1900 series - and it will last you a while. If you have $$$, get a dual graphics option and shove two in your rig.

    Memory => Current AMDs are DDR(400), moving to DDR2(667) when the M2 socket is released. Though the AMD processors dont really need it! Some Intel stuff runs DDR2(1066) AFAIK. Memory itself atm isnt really a big topic as long as its the highest speed for your motherboard.

    In January I shelled out on:

    Processor: AMD X2 4400+
    Motherboard: Asus A8N-E
    RAM: 2GB 3-3-3-8
    GPU: ATi Radeon X800XL 256MB
    2x300GB HDDs
    and other little bits/pieces/mods...

    The only thing I *may* need upgrading in the next two years should be the graphics card. Another couple years after that, maybe to a dual graphics setup, multi-core, and a bit more memory. I mostly game (2hrs/day, CSS, BF2) but encode video a little and multitask like crazy (hence the dual core).

    I'm sure other people have their views...?
  2. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. AM2 will probobly be a rehash of the venus core 939s but we never can tell. If conroe really is that good, the first generation of AM2 may have a short lifespan. Conroe looks to be very good and I think is worth checking out. It will probobly only be just as fast as the new athlon 64s and I think its main drawback is intel's history of requiring a new mobo for upgrades. I really like the Core Duo for the SFF segment. Its also pretty cheap and gives performance on par with the X2 series so if you ar einto the whole SFF/HTPC thing it is worth looking at too. New Turions are coming out but no one knows when.

    There is no surprises for GPU department. They are going to get faster.... But I cant wait to see what the deal with AVIVO is. Will ATI put out true GPU assisted encoding? If they do, then there really is no need for a fast CPU in my mind. I am hoping the G90 series GPU from nvidia mounts on the mobo or some kind of daughter card so you can upgrade the GPU just like a CPU. One can hope right?

    RAM prices are only going to get more expensive so nit much else to say there. happy hunting
  3. thanks, thats helpfull. Have a 3 yr old PIV 3.0 with 1 gig and ati 9700pro, still works ok (lastets quit long actually, want to pull of the same with the new rig. Think I am starting to miss out on graphics and so on in the next year. Based on that think about buying ew in the next 12 mnths or so.
  4. Hell run a 3000+, 1 gig ram and a 9700Pro about the same age as yours and I also am going to upgrade this year. But I probably will wait for about 6 months past AM2 release before oing that direction. Look what happened with Socket 940, less than 3 months later, 939 was the shit, and for many good reasons. No need for Registered ram and you could use dual channel again.
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