how to tell if cpu overclocked?

I know warranties are void if we overclock, but how do manufacturers tell if we have done so? Do cpu's have some kind of memory of what they were set at (like in their cache?). Please explain.
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  1. i highly doubt that they can, since video card overclocking is driver based (usually) and processor/memory overclocking is motherboard bios based. unless you switch bios's on a video card, i doubt theyd know. however, it is interesting to note that intel cpu's do have an identifiable id code that can be read with software so it is a possibility that it might mark itself as overclocked and read when it is sent in.
  2. Cool- thanks for the reply dude. So is saying they'll void our warranty just a scare tactic to stop us from getting more bang for our buck? OC'ing is fun, and I think i'm learning more about computers in the process.
  3. anybody who tells you that will f*ck up your hardware from overclocking is retarded. just don't screw with the built-in features on a video card and make SURE heat is down and you'll have plenty of success.
  4. That's an interesting question, hhmmm, I never thought about it. Well overclocking the CPU generates lots of heat due to increase of voltage. So, if you return a broken/fried cpu due to overclocking I think the manufacturer would know it if they see the CPU fried.

    Does anybody have successfully returned a fried CPU and got a replacement?
  5. eVGA warranties are NOT void if you oc their video cards :D
  6. let's not forget that the chips have already undergone testing before shipment (hopefully), so its all good
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