Hey guys. I have this mobo on my computer, which is a little over 2 years old. I'm thinking of upgrading the RAM but I have no idea what kind it takes. The specs page has been taken off the Shuttle site, and there is no sticker on my current RAM stick. Can anyone tell me?
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  1. This board (which I also have) supports DDR PC2100, PC2700 and PC3200.

    What do you have in there now? CPU?

    I had an Athlon XP 2400+ and 512Mb PC2100 (2x256 at 266MHz FSB) Crucial

    just upgraded to;

    Athlon XP 3200+ and 1Gb PC3200 (2x512 at 400MHz FSB) Corsair TWINX

    This a dual channel Mobo so I would recommend 2 sticks of matched or same speed memory.

  2. Right now I have:

    -Athlon 2600+ XP
    -GeForce FX5700LE
    -2x 256MB Crucial RAM (dunno what speed, but running at 266 mhz so probably PC2100)

    Gonna upgrade to a 2500+ XP CPU that my brother is giving me, but it's OC'ed to 3200+ speeds, probably can even reach 3400+ if this mobo has voltage control (which I don't know if it has)

    Also gonna throw in a 6800GS and 1GB (512MB x2) of Crucial Ballistix. Too bad there are only 3 RAM slots so I have to take out one my current sticks instead of dualing both.
  3. You really should remove your old RAM completely and just sell them both. Use only the two sticks of new Corsair RAM in the 1st and 3rd slots (dual channel mode). You lose the benefit dual channel if all 3 slots are populated, and in your case one would be a different speed.
  4. Okay I got a Kingston HyperX 1GB (2x512MB) Dual Channel Kit, was on sale for $75. Going to stick those in real soon.

    If I decide to add in another stick of HyperX in the future, same speeds and latency, how much performance gain would I see? Would it negate the effect of Dual Channel?

    Also does anyone know what kind of voltage control this motherboard has?
  5. Board has votage controls for the cpu ram voltage is lame 2.6 or 2.7v
    right now a am running athlon xp 1700+ 1.46ghz at 2400mhz stable cpu at 1.7v ram at 2.7v 200x12=2400mhz 2x 512mb dual channel 2-3-3-8 timings
    350watt enermax ps radeon 9800 pro all in wonder running 2.5 years now
    still working good hope to get another year out of it backed down my oc to 2200mhz 11x200 1.625v runs 5c cooler and 200mhz make almost no diffrence in speed

    once I build new system ill push cpu hard try for 2.5ghz-2.7 1.75v-1.9v core 8O
  6. I'm sure that this is the page you're looking for:

    Nice detailed specs.
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