Can't decide between Antec and Thermaltake, opinions needed

I'm at the end of building my computer and i've come to choosing a power suppply, i'm lead to believe i'll need 500W, and my friends have recommended two different ones.

The Thermaltake TR2 W0093 500W power supply

or an Antec Powersmart 2.0 500W

i don't know jack about power supplies, let alone the rest of my computer but i do knonw i have an ASUS K8VSE deluxe mobo (754) w/ Athlon 64 3700+ clawhammer, a EVGA 6600 AGP card, and a total of around 5 fans including CPU fan, PCI slot fan (got one for right above my video card), and the three on my Xoxide case. Of course i'll get a floppy drive and a CD drive, and maybe a fan controller and one or two cathodes, depending if i get LED fans or not...

Explanations and any sort of input are greatly appriciated... if you feel like helpin me out with a bit more please IM me on aim at fridayunited

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I know the power smart is not the same good quality the TruePower by Antec is, and the TruePower series is what I consider baseline for quality PSU's.
    The Antec TruePower 480watt would be a better choice than that 500 watt smart power, imo.
  2. I would go for Thermaltake psu. :D
  3. Yeah, I agree with RichPLS, the TP2 series is awesome if you have the budget for it. I have the TP2 550, its been on solid for over 6 months and not an ounce of trouble. I've always used Antec and highly recommend them. I've got a few other units in service right now one of which I've had for 5 years now. Very solid, stable and quiet. Go for Antec man, you won't be sorry.
  4. most likely a horribly ignorant question.. but i see PCIe cables on the antec PS2.0... but no AGP cables...?

    note that this is my first build and i know pretty much nothing... sorry
  5. As the majority of previous posts have advised - there's only one winner out of these two and it's the Antec every time.

    With regards to the power connectors - should your AGP graphics card need additional power this will be supplied by a standard molex connector (such as those used by your optical drives) available on any psu.

    However the fact that the Antec has PCI-e power connectors provides you with a nice upgrade path for the future.
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