Looking for suggestions for a non SLI board

I'm looking to build a new computer soon and I'd like some suggestions on a new motherboard.

I'm not looking to overclock or anything like that, just want a nice stable reliable 939 board. I'd like to spend around $100 on it, a little more is ok a little less is ok too (don't really expect less) and I don't really want SLI or Crossfire seeing as how it's unlikely I'll use it before I get rid of this PC.

Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks :)
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  1. Asus makes a crossfire A8R-MVP and it has SATA2, excellent onboard sound, gigabit lan, and onboard RAID with an IDE controller for $100.
    I have one and it is solid.

  2. How about this one


    I'll take it your not into gaming?However, just in case you change your mind.

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