Got a Celeron D

Some dufus bought a Celeron D for his old SiS 645 board, and I got it of course. It's a funny story!

OK, the guy picked up a Dell with a blown motherboard. He decided to put the CPU in a new board, so he bought one, brand new, a year ago, for $80. It's a Shuttle 645 chipset board that's not even listed on their site any more!

Now, the CPU didn't work in a "new" board, so it "must be a dead CPU", LOL! It was a Northwood C! OK, so he tossed a perfectly good Northwood C and got a Celeron D!

Now of course the board isn't compatible with Celeron D's either. By the way, this guy is the system manager for a major Japanese OEM manufacturer.

So I'm trading him my Northwood Engineering Sample, 16x to 22x multiplier unlocked, defaults to 22x and doesn't overclock worth a crap, for his Celeron D. I'll probably charge him the difference.

That means I have a Celeron D, but not only is it a Celeron D, it's a Celeron D 2.13GHz! LMAO, he said "It's not 100MHz bus?"

The reason this is in the overclocking forum: I UNDERVOLTED it to 1.26v fixed, and it's STILL STABLE AT 3.2GHZ/800MHz FSB!

Right now it's in this very system, running SPEC APC Solidworks 2005 benchmark, AVG virus scanner, all my messangers and such, Outlook Express, and NINE open IE windows. At 3.2GHz, 800MHz FSB, and 1.26v fixed.
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  1. Where the hell do you get Intel ES chips?

    That celeron d sure beats the hell out of my Celeron D 2.4ghz - overclocks 3ghz with a bit more vcore (~1.4v vcore) but thats a s478'er and stock cooling, the same SL version got to 5ghz with watercooling somewhere around the world.

    Does it run cool at that speed/vcore? hard to tell its still a prescott?
  2. Works great, but I don't know how much cooling it actually needs since I'm using a water cooler.

    I got the Engineering Sample from an Intel Engineering rep.

    It's amazing how the stuff I get for overclocking...doesn't, but the stuff I come across without looking goes stellar.
  3. Hi Crash,
    I've got my CeleryD 2.13 at 3.4 GHz. on stock voltage. Not bad for a $58 chip!
  4. unbelievable! I knew Intels were stable but damn! 8O
  5. I normally don't buy Intel, but then again, I didn't buy this one.
  6. Haha, nicely done ^_^, I still have a dual celly slot1 sitting around somewhere, they are 333Mhz 128kb cache ones. I had them overclocked to 666mhz with a few bumps to the vcore a couple years back. Still kicks arse.
  7. I buy both... I like to mix it up and try different things. Both Intel & AMD are pretty darn fast now-a-days, even the budget chips.

    Seems like progress has kinda slowed down lately though. I remember when I sat that K6-233 on my car seat on the way home & just couldn't wait to change out my Pentium 166 and feel the performance increase! Now-a-days, with what I'm running, nothing is going to feel much faster than what I already got! (sigh...)
  8. I don't normally buy Intel processors because I actually have to PAY for my OWN electric bill. During the summer, I can't even keep my office cool with a Woody, Scotties need not apply.

    Besides, I get enough Intel processors out of broken systems to run my comparisons anyway. And when I'm done with them, I pop them into some crappy system and sell it.
  9. We have cheap power in Seattle... and compared to what my wife spends shopping, I don't feel so bad. And with the cool climate, I use 'em as space heaters!!! :lol:
  10. Yes, notice I do most of my Prescott testing in the winter!
  11. that's not true... Prescotts are not near as hot as AMD fans make them out to be. Click thumbnails below to see screenshots hosted @ imageshack

  12. 2volts vcore.. hmm sounds like bull . so do the temps
  13. 2 volts core is bull.... just check the CPU-Z. But... I boot up, and it shows the CPU temp while its starting up, and then I boot into Windows, and check the temp using CPU Informer... and it shows close to the same temps.
  14. boot temp is not an idle temp........and are always the coldest.. geez i wonder why. and also y trust ur app when it reads vcore wrong..
  15. I'm the expert here, shut up before you embarass yourself.

    Oh yes, that was a link, showing a cooler review...that tested the same cooler on an A64 3200+ and P4 530. Here's your clue: At the same fan speed and stock CPU values, the P4 hit 63 and the A64 only 43. At reduced fan speed, the A64 climbed to 48, while the P4 hit it's thermal throttling temperature cap of 80 (who knows how high it would have gone, had it not switched to automatic underclocking)!
  16. Quote:
    2 volts core is bull.... just check the CPU-Z. But... I boot up, and it shows the CPU temp while its starting up, and then I boot into Windows, and check the temp using CPU Informer... and it shows close to the same temps.

    OK... I'm all for supporting one company over another when the merits are proven... but when it comes to Prescott P4's I do not believe for a second that it runs cooler then an equivalent Athlon64 processor.

    Also I don't see what is soo amazing about a CeleronD clocking at 3.2GHz.. perhaps I'm missing something here but I've seen them hit 5GHz.... is there a reason why this is extremely good news?

    Cuz I have a Pentium4 2.4GHz 533FSB that clocks to 3.6GHz on air... is that amazing or is that also meh?
  17. ok, well, when I reboot, after having it on for hours.... BIOS starts about 28C and goes to about 30C.
  18. I think that's the best Cely overclock I've read about in a long time. Props out to you man!!!

    I knew they were good overclockers, but...damn!!
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