Taking advantage of Dual Core

Well... A couple of months ago I asked the question...

which to go for Single or Dual Core CPU... And as every one mentioned the single core will be better for gaming at the moment... Being a gamer myself... I still decided to go for the Dual core... I got the X2 3800+

I have noticed that in gaming my older AMD 64 3200+ performs the same as my X2 3800+... But if I hit atl+tab will in a game the X2 switches seemlessly back to windows instantly... :D

I will never go back to sinlge core...

But and yes here it is... The big ?

how can I take full advantage of my dual core... :?:

Is there anyway I can tell it which core should do what. In terms of running two programs at once. Can i tell the one program to run on one core and the other program two use the other core...

In terms of gaming can i tell windows to utilize core #0 and the game to run on core #1???

My Rig

AMD X2 3800+
Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe
1 gig Ram
ASUS N7800GT extreme
Creative X-Fi Platinum
Antec 500W smart power 2
Antec P180
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  1. You could take advantage of your dual core by running grid computing software i.e. BOINC, Folding@Home etc...

    As for assigning specific programs to a specific core, you can use the 'ctrl - alt - del' menu and right click a process to set its affinity to a specific core.
  2. Thanks Mortse...

    I dont have internet at home and that is where my monster resides...

    Being in South Africa ADSL is faily expensive +/- 100 dallars a month... So I cant run grid computing software i.e BOINC, Folding@Home etc...

    Thanks for the info though!!!
  3. Well i guess that you will to encode your DVD collection then instead :wink:

    That should take full advantage of your dual core!
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