OC'ing AMD Athlon 64

What RAM (Corsair XMS? OCZ?) is being used to OC the AMD Athlon 64 processors and what timings are being used at the elevated FSB speeds. Also what is the MB of choice for OC'ing with a non SLI set up (single PCI express)?
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  1. Hi,

    OCZ EL Dual Channel Platinum Elite Edition 2x512Mb (tot. 1024Mb) DDR PC4800 600Mhz

    or preferably a similar 2gb kit, but that will cost.

    This will allow you to raise the FSB to 300 without having to think about the memory.

    Abit's Fata1ity or MAX, or ASUS motherboards are good.

    Good Luck
  2. XMS and OCZ are both popular, although if exceeding 230-250 MHz FSB, one can always drop the mem ratio to keep fairly tight timings.

    (There are a few PC4200 DDR variants that are supposed to support 275 MHz FSB with decent CAS2.5 timings, but they will cost ya, and most jsut choose to lower the mem ratio to keep the mem freq at 220-230 MHz...)
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