hello, i am currently in college in joplin mo and i have to build a new computer from scratch for a rich old man. there is no price limit and i was wanderin if anyone had any suggestions on a god dual core mother board. u canm respond to or any help would e greatly appreciated. Thanx ~ D
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  1. No price limit? How much is this guy paying you? If he's that rich, then I would build two computer and keep one for myself.

    Im going to hell!

    If I have money like then I would get a Voodoo Pc, one of fastest gaming pc on earth! For around 5 grand.

    For the board, do you want Intel or AMD?
  2. if he's also that rich

    might I recommend english lessons?
  3. Might I suggest the Orion multisystems DS-96? :lol:
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