Serious help needed here guys!!!

Ok, there's some funny sh*t going aroun here
Starting with system specs:

P4C 2.8 running now at stock
MSI 648F Neo AGP 8X W/ SIS 648FX
PSU EuroTech 400W 18A on 12V (no problem)

I´ve tried for about 5 kinds of drivers and all of them gave me a really low 3Dmark 01 score: about 12000!!!
I don´t give a crap to benches, as long as I can play w/o problems; When I play CS Source @ 1280x1024 4xAA the frame rate goes down to 15!!!
The Bus shown at nView shows PCI istead of AGP, even with Bios Primary Graphics Adapter set to PCI or AGP (fastwrite disable).

Does anyone had the same problem?
Can I solve it?
Bug Free Drivers for SIS chipset? Wich ones?

See the screenshot:

And what about the 299 clock speed?? Shouldn't it be 500mhz?
Bios is updated and AGP drivers too.

Thanks in advance guys
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  1. How much ram do you have?
  2. Quote:
    How much ram do you have?

    1 gig Buffalo 2x512 pc3200@400mhz
  3. 2 Gb of memory would get you increase in performance.

    and try these driver.
  4. and do you have the latest bios on your motherboar?
  5. Yes, I have all up to date. And I´m running those 81.98 drivers. The two gig thing doesn´t atract me much; I´ve seen guys w/1 gig reaching 20000 in 3dmark 01
  6. I'm going to try 71.20 right now.
  7. Ok, tested all drivers again and the best 3dmark01 se has been given by the 71.20. The Bus still showing PCI instead of AGP.... Please help me!!
  8. something absolutely sounds funky

    i couldnt tell you what that is though. but regardless of your benchie score.

    CS:S should run fine on that machine with decent FPS. something sounds like it's severaly crippling and i don't know what it is.
  9. Yeah, BIOS. Go and change the GA to AGP.

    Another thing, 3Dmark01 is extremely CPU dependent, I scored just around 16k on my Northy 2.6... My advice, try 03 instead :D
  10. I've seen this before. Re-install your SiS AGP controller driver. It goes under various names such as AGP VXD
  11. Quote:
    2 Gb of memory would get you increase in performance.

    2 gb will give you absolutely NO increase in performance over 1gb, in 3dMark anyway.

    There are very few games out there that care if you have 2 gb. Doom3 doesn't care. Half-Life2 doesn't care. FEAR doesn't care...

    Battlefield 2 is one of the very few titles that will utilize 2gb of RAM.

    Maybe 2gb would decrease your load times (which is nice)... but your framerates would not jump one iota.
  12. all signs point to either a bad driver install or an improper setting in the bios.

    Reset the bios to defaults, check the vid card driver and start again.

    Did you let windows install the vid card drivers or did you do it manually?

    Remember windows is a j@ck@ss sometimes and you have to beat it's @$$
  13. Ever since my OS HDD went kaput, I have been getting a SATA RAID setup after the initial POST of my mobo, and it wasn't doing it before. Abit NF7-S is the mobo, and I don't know where to set it to stop the setup that fails cause it doesnt find the channels for SATA RAID.
  14. Thank you all guys. I manage to solve the problem after 2 days of intensive testing. I was using the latest AGP SIS drivers 1.21, and I don´t know why the mofos didn´t recognize the card as AGP. Installed older 1.17 and problem solved....
    Such a tiny sh*t giving me giant headaches....

    XFX guys replied others and allways tell them to stay updated....
    Use the last drivers my a$$!!!
  15. One other thing. The XFX big mofo bastards dind´t give me any answer!!!!
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