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Gaming Mouse?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
January 21, 2002 12:53:39 PM

For a few years I've been using the Logitech wingman gaming mouse. I've found it absolutely amazing. It's big, has three seperate buttons, has a larger than usual mouse ball for more precision, and a report rate on the ps/2 port of 200 rep/sec. However, there are two things it is lacking, hence it must be time to buy a new mouse. It is not optical, and it has no scroll wheel. Now there are a lot of mouses out there that are optical, and have wheels. However, all of these mice have something in common. The scroll wheel is in the place of the middle mouse button rather than in addition to it. I want to find a mouse that has three seperate buttons, is optical and has a high report rate, can be USB or PS/2, and has the scroll wheel on the left side of the mouse, where my thumb is. If anyone has seen a mouse like this, please tell me.


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January 21, 2002 4:13:02 PM

I think the closest thing you are going to find to the mouse you've described is the <A HREF="" target="_new">MS Trackball Optical</A>. I've never seen an optical, three-button mouse with a scroll wheel on the side.

If you want an accurate optical mouse with a high dpi rate (but with the scroll wheel in the standard position), the <A HREF="" target="_new">Logitech Dual-Optical</A> is very nice. I've used several optical mice (excepting the trackballs) and this one is the best of the bunch for gaming.


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January 21, 2002 8:02:29 PM

The real reason I want the scroll wheel on the side is not for comfort or anything. I've used a lot of mice with the wheel in the normal position, and it's fine, but not for gaming. Let's say you are playing counterstrike, I use the three mouse buttons for shoot, jump, and duck. The scroll wheel is for quick weapon switching. If there is no third button, but instead the third button is activated by pressing the wheel inwards I might accidentally change weapons while jumping or vice versa. I've played using my roomates mouse, which is pretty much the mice you suggested, and it was fine, except for the problem above.


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