Migrating Windows 8 from HDD to SSD

I recently migrated my Windows 7 laptop's entire HDD contents to an SSD using Paragon's Migrate OS to SSD 2.0 with great success. I just bought a new ASUS laptop and an SSD, but there is no Windows 8 support yet from this program.

What is the best way of transferring Windows 8 onto an SSD? The laptop, I'm sure, does not come with an install disc, but a backup using multiple DVDs will be made, as is the case with most, if not all, ASUS laptops. It's also not as simple as installing Windows 8, as the laptop has laptop-specific software and drivers (trackpad, "Fn" buttons, etc.) that I'd like to preserve.

I do have a Seagate backup drive. Can I make an image of the HDD and restore it onto the SSD? Will there be any problems in doing this?
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  1. You mean the actual operating system? you will have to re-install the OS... think of it as like writing on a sheet of paper.. You can copy the contents of the document to another sheet of paper. But you can't transfer the actual paper its self to another sheet of paper... Gah i probably just made no sense
  2. if you have the key for your windows 8 install you can just download the windows 8 image and install it. I would assume that if ASUS made custom drivers for your machine they could be downloaded directly from their web site.

    here is the key only link to download win8

    -generally it is best to use the OS installer rather than a image program to place the OS on the drive.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I should have been clearer: this new laptop already has Windows 8, so I cannot do an upgrade via the Microsoft site. I'm also not sure if it is entirely legal for me to download Windows 8 and use the key that comes with the laptop for it -- I've read differing accounts about that. I did not really buy Windows 8; I bought a laptop that was bundled with it, without a disc or documentation.

    The AOMEI program sounds like it may work. Acronis True Image also has a Windows 8-compatible backup program with a free trial, but I'm not sure if it has a "clone" tool or simply a "backup" tool.

    If it is legal for me to download Windows 8 and use my key and get all the relevant drivers for my laptop, then this is probably my safest bet.

    I do get to make a backup disc as soon as I boot into my laptop for the first time -- would that simply be a Windows 8 installation with all of the relevant drivers/software that comes with the laptop? If so, I may just install it this way.
  4. The download I suggested is from the microsoft's own site for people that have a key already. If you have a key you may download from that link, it is why it is there.
    Not all oems want to make a custom download site.
  5. another place to clone the drive: ease us free

  6. If it's it's a samsung ssd, use the data migration software that came with the ssd, it works fine for windows 8.1. I've also used Accronis true image 2014 clone software for on the same windows 8.1 OS. It was pretty easy. A fresh install would be nice, but with a pre installed win 8 OS from hp, the windows activation key is hidden and automatically tied to win 8 OS and mobo. I've tried accessing the activation key, thought I did, found out I was wrong after installing a clean copy of win 8.
  7. Hi, I had your same problem recently.
    My solution is to right click on the shortcut or executable file for the program, open Properties, and under the Compatibility tab, run the program in compatibility mode for Windows 7. This allows Migrate to find the OS install, and from there you can copy the files.
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