trading up video cards, is it worth it? x800xl to a x1800xt


I currently own a ATI PCI express X800 XL and I was wondering if it is worth upgrading to a ATI PCI express X1800 XT?

I dont really play the game FEAR so dont take that into consideration.

I guess I was just wondering if I traded up if the graphics would get better or would the frame rate just improve, That is really my question I am trying to get at.

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  1. you are better off getting the ATI x1600 its got almost the same preformance at a lowwer price.
  2. I would wait for another generation to come out, than i would by second from the top of the line.

    If your framerates are OK, than dont buy a new card, otherwise, go for a card that is second fromt he top of the line because they usually have the exact same hardware as the op of the line minus an overclock.
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