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Hi all first time poster and older computer builder. Its been awhile since i have built a machine and i am wanting to build one now. I have read some information and most people say that SLI and Crossfire type technology is not really that good if you are willing to get one really good card. I was also reading is this section about duel core chips and if they are good to have no and for future, i saw some mixed ideas but anyway. Here is what i am looking at if anyone has recommendation please let me know.

Abit fatality an8 mobo
socket 775 duel core (don't know speed)
for graphics one of the new x1900 cards

Is this good for the main components or should i be looking down another road. I mostly play mmorpgs and some fps's like COD.

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  1. I think you should count memory as a main components... 2gb should be enough for gaming... I think manufactor depends on personal liking... if your not fps horny :)
  2. Even Intel succumbs to AMD (and dual core) as the king for games. I personally think the Fatal1ty line (Abit and others) is overpriced for the moniker only.
  3. im with him on the overpriced part.
    look at all manufacturers. like asus, dfi, other types of abit boards.
  4. I would strongly recommend AMD64 socket 939 + nForce4 939.

    DFI and ASUS make great boards.

    DFI is better for overclocking ASUS is better for stability and performance at a high price.
  5. if you want good a good pc wait as little bit for the socket m2 to come out and do get sli with it there is a major difference and you get 15 more fps in fear my cuz has one and its awsome and also do get amd but wait for m2
  6. Quote:
    if you want good a good pc wait as little bit for the socket m2 to come out

    Yeah, if you feel like waiting for 4 or maybe more months to build...

    Also isn't the "Abit fatality an8 mobo" socket 939? Maybe i was smokin sumthing when i looking at it or something :lol:
  7. i think that at some point, they started to talk about 939s, only not everybody was on the same page
  8. I got a Socket 939 AN8-SLi mobo none Fatality, pretty much the same thing for $80 less and it came with all the Fatqality drivers :D

    I sugest that you get a AMD processor, if you have ever seen the benchmarks for the two compared side by side the AMD same price as Intel Processor outperformes the Intel everytime, except in encoding, just a little slower, Intel is better for a PC that is used for work... other than gaming... since you have the money get a AMD FX 57, my friend has one and it balls everything for gaming :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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