with the specs i have i need a better temperature monitor......ASUS probe gives me incorrect readings.

Anyone know any other softwares?

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  1. The first two that pop into my head are SpeedFan and Motherboard Monitor 5. I'm sure there are others too. But if you're running the latest version of Asus Probe and it's not correct then chances are that it's your sensors at fault, no? I used to use Asus Probe myself and it was always giving the same readings as MBM5.
  2. BIOS FTW!
  3. Your mobo may not be supported by Motherboard Monitor 5. They no longer update that unfortunately. I think that some boards have had some enthusiast make patches for them but I have no clue whats what on that. it was a great program though.

  4. PC wizard 05.
  5. Mine is supported just fine. But I use speed fan, so mbm5 compatabilites bo gone by default.
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