Buying new system Please help

So im planning of getting a new system my current is a p4 1.7Ghz 256mb memory, GF2 mx400/440...

So this pc have to last 2-4 years ( with no need for upgrading the first 2 years)

So before buying are there any known issues with the software i have now. And is there anything that could be better changed/improved... I might think of a better power supply...

So if you have anything to add plz tell... I have 4k to sped but if really needed/better might go up to 5k (euro)

Lian Li PC-V2000B Plus + Window (No custom dont want to cut in a new system yet :) )

Asus A8R-MVP (Retail, FireWire RAID, G-LAN, S-ATA)

Enermax Liberty (620Watt version)

GeIL DIMM 2 GB (Retail, GE2GB3200BDC, Dual Channel Kit)

AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ (2.4 GHz) (Retail, OPGA, "Toledo", boxed)

Storage: OS + Programs&games:

Western Digital Raptor (Bulk , WD740GD, S-ATA) x2

Storage (movies, music, older games, Ftp, web etc...):

Western Digital Caviar SE 16 (Bulk , WD4000KD, S-ATA) X2

GFX card

MSI RX1900XT-VT2D (Retail) X2
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  1. Sounds good... I'm more of a fan of SLI over crossfire but that's just me.

    Also with that much of an investment going on I'd rather see you have a PC Power and Cooling Power Supply. I dosn't look like your budget is going to be hurting you so go for the 850W.

    You didn't mention any water cooling either... any in mind... think Reseratior (easy to set up and freegn' silent)!
  2. PS. Go for Corsair over Geil Corsair is a more trusted name and you will get better speeds, even if the speeds listed on the corsair are a little slower... it's worth it!
  3. Ehm those power supply's arent avaible here in the netherlands. and i want all my parts from there. So its easier for the shop support. Without all the troubles of mailing etc...

    Also are there any other power supply's that are a litte bit more avaible in general.

    Also about the memory which corsair memory you advice?

    About the watercooling:
    Asetek WaterChill KT12A-12VX (CPU/VGA/NB, Socket A/478/754/939/940, 3x120mm, set)

    And then with 2 waterblocks for the vga made for Crossfire but dont know if the excist or where to get them? (so someone have any links?)

    but actually i dont want to hit 5k (it would take me longer to save that money)
  4. ur current p4 1.7ghz pwns my 1.4g...

    Are you ocing? If no, 4800 is fine. If you are, dump it and opt for the Opteron 175.

    Enermax 550... to be safe, look for a good 600W.

    Geil is fine, if you want higher end, try OCZ instead - Corsair is good, but not OCZ good.

    in all seriousness, you're better off spending 2k now and another 3k later on..
  5. Yes but im playing cod2 on this pc now... Althrough its fine on a 800x600 with everything on low. It playing with 20-25 avg. fps with some lagg in places.

    So my pc is 1,5 years old... I cant play bf2 etc.. And the things now are just too old to get a upgrade for it to be worth it ;).

    With this system i can take it for a 2years atleast without upgrading and 4 years max ;)

    Also not planning on OC'ing. I only have the WC to keep it at normal heats and sound :)

    I update my post in a few minutes with the advises you people gave me :)

    Also which OCZ you guys recommend:
    OCZ DIMM 2GB DD400-233 XTC
    OCZ DIMM 2GB (Kit, OCZ4002048ELDCPE, Dual Channel Kit)

    Think the last one is better of timings or the info on the site isnt good :)

    Enermax Liberty 620 watt think is going with this system just fine (also meaning I have the money to spend doesnt mean it haves to go all in one hit. I also need a monitor and planning on buying 2 17" lcd's no expensive ones. Just normal prices 8ms responce ;) )
  6. /bump :P

    Also the case i heard there where problems with it because you need to place the mobo upside down. Is that a problem with this asus mobo too?

    also how about the card on air cooling is that possible because of the duel slot cooler. Or do i need to buy other air cooling?
  7. XMS pro from Corsair. Perfect for overclockers, very stable and fast.
  8. Well i dont want to OC my pc :) So i need real good memory nothing that is good for OCing but very stable and fast.. So someone recommend OCZ now i dont know which one to choice :(

    Also i would like to know what you people would do with 4-5k$ to spend to see things i might like and get in my build. Also dont come with things like i should use 2k and take a vacation those things wont help. I saved long for this and planning on using it :S
  9. ~$4k Build in the Sig
  10. I heard the fx-60 is better than the x2 4800+ but.. I that a opteron 170 is better? I can get a 175 for less than the 4800 So shall i choice that one?

    Also there arent any dual core 940 proc. around the 175 price that equals/better than the 175?
  11. /bump

    Come on people, i have to make sure this is good for a couple years :)

    Also isnt there any 1900XTX crossfire edition?
  12. In theory, the 165/170/175 can all reach fx-60's 2.6ghz.. however the fx60 has an unlocked multiplier (dunno if its a newer revision)... if you care to oc, mite as well get the 175, and spend the difference on better cooling/nicer case/better ram/better vid card
  13. Nice man that's should be a fast system. For the graphics card the X1900XTX is cool but wait till the 7900 card comes out, its gonna kick some serious ass. Shader 4.0 sounds pretty good to me.
  14. Im not really into OC'ing. Also got a question about the videocards (the X1900XT(X) ) the dual slot cooler does it blow everthing out by the back through the second slot?

    And what is the estimated release date of the 7900 card. I need this to be ordered and inside my house before the 10th of aprill (got a upcoming lan party and can only play older games there with this pc :( )

    Also the case. I really want this one. I really like this one. It looks great, Have enough space etc.. Only need bigger cables but those fit in my budget :P
  15. Well if you got that much money then go for a 2Gb of the fastest of the XMS series. Im always been a corsair guy. :D
  16. yeah but the XTX is only 50buck more.. I rather pay that for a higher clock and keeping warranty than 50buck less a card to oc it to a XTX with losing my warranty :)

    And in the long way the little extra performance will show its better than XT with new games :)

    But i still dont get the hole crossfire principe :P You need a Master and a Slave? but is a Master+Master also good? And whats up with the "Crossfire edtion" All i read with those is it fuction as a Master card and can give commands to a Slave card. But the normal X1900XTX is also a master?
  17. Ehm i just saw that the only X1900XT crossfire in my hole country is the one from sapphire and only avaible at 6 webshops orso :( at the price of 600Eur)

    Are these any good? And no one knows what the ETA is on Nvidea 7900?
  18. Your right in that no duty or vat is payable from other countires in europe but in the UK the master card is £420 which is about 610 euros so the price is the same.

    Sapphire are as good as any other maufacturers

    To run crossfire with x1900s you will need a master (image comp chip) and a slave (normal card).
  19. I just hate these things... I hate ordering all the things i had now... Are from the same shop... Which ALMOST haves everything, Except this :( There like right next to me so that wouldn't cost me any shipping (althrough its always busy there standing like 1,5+ hours in a line always :( :P )

    But does ships to EU-NL? as fedrex is here too :D
  20. I now found a reliable shop in holland which sells the crossfire edition. The also sell the 1900XTX from the same brand.... So i probaly order the card there and the rest at the shop at my place :)
    But where do you life?
  21. Ehm too bad... The shop i will order the cards from is on the other side of holland... lucky NL aint that big :)
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