Doh! I have cracked my GPU...arghhh!!


I fiited an Arctic Cooling Silencer (6800 rev) to my graphics card yesterday, however, I discovered a crack in the upper-left part of the GPU after taking off original heatsink.

First of all, is this a major problem? I understand about contraction and expansion of the gpu when it is being used so I can only imagine this can only get worse, right?

As anyone still used , with no problems, a graphics card with a fractured GPU?

Have i got an expensive paperweight on my hands here?

Having said this, I did continue to fit the new heatsink to the pcb board. I made sure, as carefully as possible, not to overtighten screws (after applying MX-1 Thermal paste) I then ran 3d mark 05 (twice in succession) and also 3D Mark 06 (twice) and I still manage to get respectable scores. 1 big problem is that I did notice some artifacts at a particular clock level that I had never observed before!
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  1. If you try it, it could work. It could not work. It could take your motherboard out with it.

    I'm a risk taker - I'd try it.
  2. I am normally a risk taker also but, if possible, I would like to avoid prematuely upgrading my system. It is not the best around but I think it still holds its own! :lol:

    As no-one heard about anything like this before or something? :lol:

    System specs:

    Athlon 3500+ (N'castle)
    Asus A8V deluxe
    Msi 6800GT
    4x512mb Corsair 3200 C2
    Audigy ZS Platinum Pro
    2xHitachi Deskstar 7200 (RAID 0)

    Is it only my mobo thats at risk? Or could I take out other components? :(
  3. Take a photo and post it here. Let's see the damage :twisted:
  4. Sorry to hear that dude.

    My condolances.
  5. Are you trying to render my GPU obsolete for me? 8O :lol:

    I tried to remove the heatsink so I could clean the gpu and take a picture of the fracture (as requested by you) to later post on forum.....but I couldn't! I was paralysed with FEAR!! :cry:
    It was like the angel / devil on each shoulder scenario, 'devil' was saying go on you girl...just take it off, but the 'angel' was saying NO, what happens when you attach the heatsink again? You run the risk of ABSOLUTELY destroying the GPU.

    Sorry guys, this time I bitched out :x I don't want to take that particular risk yet, at least not until I am settled in new job and can afford to upgrade to the Crossfire system I am yurning for 8)

    I am aware the picture would be off interest to some peeps who have never been retarded enough to over-tighten heatsink :D but I promise, when I do upgrade I will post it for your amusement!

    Under the heading, 'GPU - "My owner is retarded GET ME OUT OF HERE"

    Thanks for sympathy......S@*T happens!
  6. LMAO, no problem. So from memory, how bad was the crack. I've heard of some people chipping a bit off their CPU core (in a corner) and it still workin.
  7. A 'crack' is to strong of a word, it is a minor fracture, that is if anything can be minor on the surface of a gpu!

    It runs from the top-left of the chip to just shy of the centre. Imagine, if you will, a pizza that you are about to cut into quarters...I have used the knife for the first slice of the pizza (methaphorically speaking) 8O
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