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I'm waiting for the new socket M2, but I was wondering if I should buy DDR2 ram now or just wait until I the mobo. How much of a chance is there that I will buy the wrong RAM? and I know no one can see into the future but do you think DDR2 RAM will cost more once the M2 comes out??
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  1. it possibly could get more expensive once AM2 comes around.

    Think about it

    More gamers are going to go with AM2 since it will move to 65nm with DDR2 memory, there is a somewhat big increase right there, DDR2 memory has double the bandwith to its DDR brother, and knowing with intel, the faster the ram goes, the better, same thing is with DDR ram on AMD, the faster the ram the better, but also the lower timings.

    I know mushkin released 2x1gig sticks of pc2 5300 ram, and with low timings. So im going to see what price is in canada, and if it increases when AM2 comes around, its just since more people are going to go with AM2, DDR2 memory will be sold alot more often, thus companies going "well we can charge a bit more for the ram since people are buying it alot" i notice this type of thing happen with the dual opterons for socket 939, because its easily overclockable, people were buying it, and the price of the processors increased over some time.
  2. - Supply of DDR2-800 will be low.

    - Supply of DDR2-667 will be typical.

    - Demand for both will rise.

    In a world economy this will lead to a price hike ----- up.

    Socket 939/940 will become more cost effective for the performance you'll get, but not be as upgradable down the track.

    Prices for DDR1 may also rise, as supply is reduced and demand also raises (as people will find Socket 939/940 more cost effective).

    In short.... expect a price rise on RAM all around.
  3. It depends on what you're going after. Are you going to get high-performance RAM? I was reading a review about Crucial's new DDR2 Balistix memory, and it said that the other major manufacturers should be putting out new DDR2 modules in the next couple months. However, the arguements about DDR2 prices rising are also valid. I wouldn't consider them much of a hinderence though. I doubt you'll see more than a 10% increase in price, meaning somethign like $20.
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