During my overclockin effort to get to 2.5 Ghz ive matter what voltage ...ram dividers/ ram voltage/HTT i try its not going beyond 2.4Ghz :?

I have to say that i have the old BIOS version of this flashing it going to help get to my overclock or increase stabilty?

any known instances when this might have helped overclockers?

Thank you.

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  1. Ye ur exacltly right.....

    Cuz at my current settings.......before prime 95 wouldnt even run for 6 its been almost 15 [LOL] i may be jumpin ahead of myself but i think it did work....since i was able to boot with auto voltage 1.38V at this overclock [never worked before]...but then some benchmarks didnt work so i switched back to 1.425V.
  2. The voltage regulators Asus uses are not known for thier stability. If your update affects voltage regulation, it may help with OCing.
    I think that your chip may need a little more time, and voltage to get to 2.5. My venice 3200 couldn't get to 2.5 till it had been running for over 3 months. It does that now @ 1.475, but needed 1.5 at first.
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