Problems- geForce 6600GT & 3Dmark2005,6

Hey guys
I downloading (the free version) and ran the 3Dmark 2005.
Looks good, but I am getting like 2 frams/sec !! score like 500.
I have a 6600GT, Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz with HT. 1 Gig RAM dual channel.
Not the best, but should be WAY better that the scores I am getting.
Games like FarCry seem to run OK though.

Any ideas?
Do I expect too much?
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  1. I was getting low benchmarks (not that low), and low fps, on a 6800 until i discovered i didnt have all the newest chipset drivers installed. Be sure of that. Of course that was on nForce 3.
  2. THanks, I will check that.
    I didn't expect any reply.
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