AMD A64 4000+ overclocked

Here's my problem i have been overclocking my 4000+ for about two months now and when i am running different clock programs to see what itll peak at, they keep coming up with different results. First of all I have a ABIT AN8-SLi and it comes standard with an overclocking program so i wont have to go into the bios to overclock and changes the clock depending on the amount of CPU that i use at the time. What is weird is that when im running 3Dmark05 it says that my CPU is clocked at 3.06Ghz and on the program that comes with the mobo it says that it will clock all the way up to 3.3Ghz which i really dont believe to be right but i really dont know could it be taking the clock differently from 3Dmark or what, it is kind of starting to piss me off cus it will never tell me the right clock, and the thing is that i am still using stock cooling and it rarely gets above 50degrees celcius. Here's the rest of my set up if that helps you figure out wtf is going on???

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego
ABIT AN8-SLi mobo
1 Gb OCZ PC4000 ram overclocked to 550Mhz
Connect 3D X850XT
Maxtor Daimond Max 10 300 Gb SATA hard drive
Ultra 500 Watt PSU
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