What ever happened to BGA memory?

Remember like 4-5 years ago everyone said that BGA memory would take over the world? What the hell happened? The only place I see BGA memory on anything is video cards. I have seen a few BGA DIMMs, but that was a while ago. Anyone care to speculate?

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  1. its probably cos BGA rams dont yield as well as the normal TSOP and hence not exactly profitable to do that

    i would think it might come back again with DDR2

    just my opinion

    edit: i thought the so-dimms are already using BGA? no?
  2. All the so-dimms I've ever seen are TSOP. But I don't deal w/ laptop memory that often so I'm not exactly an authorative source.

    I remember reading that BGA memory was actually supposed to make manufacturing costs lower.... I guess not though.

  3. That stuff is frigin cool... never even heard of that before.

  4. Umm...don't know if you can still get it, but here.
  5. lol translations make me laugh.


    deaktop module
  6. Good point.

    Speculating (!), with so many new technologies 'threatening' the market (FB-DIMMs [BGA?], MRAM, CNT, F-RAM, etc), which might also bring new packaging approaches, manufacturers may just be holding on to the price/performance ratio TSOP ('Thin Small Outline Package', for those who are wondering...) allows, considering how highly lucrative (& speculative!) RAM business is. Why TSOP (yet)?
    Still speculating, i don't see how BGA can be a cheaper solution to TSOP (just as i don't see LGA being cheaper than PGA...), for two main reasons: first, [RAM] memory density has grown no-where near GDDRx (which, unlike wusy 'said', is made of very stable, fast BGA chips; that's why they're used in graphics; older, slower graphics memory chips, are also TSOP); second - as absurd it might seem (seems to me!) - it may have to do with chip... geometry! See, when scaled down, rectangular chips maintain a better ratio between linear (TSOP 'legs') and areal (BGA 'balls') than square chips; hence, for the same constant ratio, there can be put more 'legs' around a rectangle than around a square. If chip density & pin-count, EMI & bus specs, for instance, are no-issues, than why not to stick with TSOP (even if it brings less reliability than BGA)?

    Maybe - aside production costs - these "reasons" are also behind, in more than one way, of the WLCSP (of which i didn't have a clue!) abandon...

    Again, just speculating!


    P.S.: Although wusy was referring to DDR BGAs while i was referring to GDDR BGAs, i still think the same "reasons" apply.
  7. Again, all FB-DIMMs i've seen so far (in pictures), were BGA...
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