Mobo on which side?!

I recently bought a dell dimension 3100, yeah i know its crap, well i decided to upgrade it since i wanna be playing games on it... so i need a new mobo, graphics card, power supply and fans - basically a new computer.

Something i noticed though is that the motherboard in my computer is on the left side, with no mounting things on the right, and all the ones ive seen on the net seem to go on the right side... Im new to making computers and i wanted to know if you can get mobos for both sides, or am i screwed?
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  1. Is your pc an Intel based BTX motherboard? Like you open the case from the right side? It could be an iverted ATX mobo, but since you said you just bought it as stock dell pc, then more chances it's a BTX motherboard.

    But before you decide to upgrading it, by replacing the mobo. First get 2 Gb of high performance memory and a 7800 GTX and should make you able to play games like BF2 and FEAR in high settings.
  2. heh, thats the problem, its a crap mobo with only PCI slots - im going to get at least 1gb of memory and i am going to get a 7800, but they cant go into the mobo... thats why i need a new one.

    And yes, it does open from the right side so what kind of mobo can i get to replace it?
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