need help with choosing a monitor

which of the monitors below would you reccomend for video editing / playing game / and ocasionally watching home movies?
the price dosent bother me as they all cost near the same in my country.

Samsung SM-930BF
Samsung SM-940
Veiw Sonic VX924
Hyundai image quest L90D 19"
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  1. Price doesn't bother you? Dell 2405 FPW. Spesh for gaming / movies
  2. i meant i didn't mind about the prices of the four monitors i shown
    i am looking to find out which of them is the best
    the dell is £800 in england which is way out of my price range
  3. vx924 review here

    l90d review Here

    930bf review Here

    I went with the 930bf to replace my cheap benq 17" something. The difference was amazing and gaming is great on it. I went with the samsung as I have a lot of samsung products and there customer servive is IMHO in the UK Excellent. That made my decision, that when things go wrong samsung will sort it out quickly with no hassle.

    No probs with the 930bf so far and no dead pixles
  4. I would get the view sonic, very good value and quality. I don't know about the Hyundai, they make monitors? I'll wait for the Lexus brand.
  5. I got mine for £550 via Ebay :wink:
  6. i have a 19inch samsung 910mp the reason i would recomend this one is it is a TV as well, it has a tuner built in so you can watch the tv without putting your computer on. Its a two in 1. :wink: also it has a scart
  7. unless your on a tight budget why not set your sights a little higher. i hope the time of ~ 20" LCD monitors will soon be over. bring on the 32" and up....
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