bad PSU or MB??

Hi. Want to ask a Q about a strange issue. Left my comp for dinner and when i came back it wouldn't boot up. Rebooted and it still wouldn't boot up even to POST. Disconnected all components except my graph.card. Now it booted into Post but took quite a long time to get into BIOS where it Freezed completely. Rebooted a third time and now it asked for a Bios recoveryCD, (which i dont have by the way). Now my MB is totally dead, it wouldnt boot at all.. Now, is it my PSU that deliveres to less power or is it my MB that's screwed?(It's NOT the CPU or my RAM) waddaya think?
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  1. I would say right now, would be the mobo, otherwise it won't be asking for the bios in the first place. But I need more info like cpu, ram, speed, capacity, components, psu wattage etc. Right now it's a little vague, so little info about your computer.
  2. Gear:

    ASUS P4C800-MoBo-800mbFSB/1GHZ.400DDR.RAM/550W-PSU/
    Verto PNY Geforce 5900XT 128mb AGP.graph.card/flatbedscanner/printer
    Call of Duty 2 3D game is running hard..

    ..quite a lot of stuff, is suppose to work on that PSU though.
    How can a MB like that crash in the first place??????..crazy.. :roll:
  3. What is the brand of the psu?
    It is probably the motherboard i think...
  4. Sounds to me like you've got a bad or corrupt BIOS chip on that board. Check the jumper for the BIOS reset
  5. Well, the Bios reset jumper is equal to The Clear CMOS jumper:=) But that's not an option , i've already tried. However, actually i did order a new Bioschip today. Costed me 30 bucks.
    Thanx anyway guys:=)
    Stay loose.
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