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I'm running into an issue with my laptop that I've seen in the past. When you're surfing you hit enter or click a hyperlink, the browser will churn for a bit and then instantly bring up the web site. This laptop did great awhile back, now it seems to do this. Desktop running same OS has no issues.

What kinds of things cause this to occur?

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  1. Not sure what you are asking. There is a delay before a website opens?
    You try clearing the cache?
    Is the laptop on a wireless connection?
    Laptops are slower than desktops even if both have the same specs. Desktops dont try to minimize heat and maximize battery life.
    Have you run a defrag?
    Also as Windows "ages" it builds up junk in the registry that causes it to slow down. A new clean install is always fastest.
  2. Yes there is a delay.

    I cleaned everything through the "delete browser history" menu. No change.

    I've seen this happen on every OS since Win95. I'd like to be able to figure it out without having to restore from a backup.
  3. Yep so has everyone else who owns a computer.....just one of those things you have to deal with.
    If you are like me you dont notice so much because my computer is in a constant state of upgrade and I usually manage to reinstall Windows at least one a year if I want to or not lol.
    A few things that might help are a good defrag program. I have used O@O for years.
    I also use Auslogics very good free registry defrag.
    CCleaner and MRU Blaster are also good tools.
    Sorry about the lack of links but im kinda time pressed.
    Google is your friend though.
  4. Laptops have slower processors... and more importantly (for this discussion) slower hard drives. One thing to keep in mind about Windows XP... and this applies for ANY Windows version... it has grown dramatically since it was released. The amount of code that made Windows XP tick in 2001 is nothing compared to how much code XP contains in 2009. The updates... the service packs... all of that represents lines of code... and all of that has put a drag on performance. A few years back I had an old computer at work with 128 MB of RAM and I re-installed XP on it... and my word did it seem snappy. I added SP2 to the PC and it was like someone had applied the emergency brake.
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